Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did you never dream...?

Well, did you?


It has been a pretty busy week or two here in Walthamstow, the highlights have been lovely international visitors and BIRTHDAYS!

Anja stayed with us for about ten days, for Ross' birthday and general hanging out and having fun. I was working quite a bit, but on my day off we had an awesome Primark shopping day. Plus we did some hardcore op shopping on the high street - poor Anja could barely pack her suitcase for the trip home! 

My sister-in-law Eva stayed for two nights - well, one and a half, she had to leave at two am on Tuesday to get a flight to Cannes. She's over there promoting a Western Australian film that she produced, Little Sparrows. I don't think it's showing at the festival, but it's a good opportunity for them to meet people and make contacts and stuff. Plus Eva gets to wear lots of fancy dresses - there's some photos on Vicki's blog, plus more info about the movie!


Ross' birthday was awesome fun - although I just realised it was more than a week ago and I still haven't posted any photos. Ooops.

We had a big house dinner, and I made rabbit pie! The meat really did look pretty terrifying, I bought a whole one from the butcher, who cut it into quarters for me. Ross said that when they are delivered to the butcher, they have to still have their fur, just to prove they're really rabbits and not cats or weasels or something. Madness.

Anyway, dinner was totally delicious, and everyone had lots of fun.

Of course I made a rabbit shaped jelly again! Anja loved it. 
No really. Loved. It.

And Anja also made a delicious and awesome cake. Good times.

Okay, must post this, it's been drafted and redrafted for days now! Next time I'll tell you about the show and the picnic!


Maja said...

Nummy num num, I haven't had iced sponge cake for so long, all the cakes I've eaten this year have been cheesecakes and pies. It looks so good!

Gotta love the french with their creative expression.

Rabbit pie sounds great! And rabbit jelly, of course!

When I write blog posts I just ramble on and post it straight away. Anything that gets saved as a draft is always forgotten and never posted.

Northern musings said...

Have been waiting in anticipation for a post re birthday, Anja's visit, Eva's visit, life the universe and all that. Looks like a good time was had by all. I am always so amazed at how good that kitchen looks in photos! love the wall decoration, very nice. Hope all is well
and I am with Maja rambling is good.. mind you.. we know... we self edit too much... our bad. Back to finding more Skyhooks videos on You tube..

Gill Omega said...

i can't believe you made rabbit pie, that's so impressive! :)

olga said...

Yeah, Maja, I have a problem with drafting and losing posts forever...

Hmm, I think all our kitchen photos should be lit by birthday-candlelight from now on.

Aw yeah, RABBIT! I just read about a friend of mine in Aus who made rabbit lasagna, may have to try that one next time!