Tuesday, May 25, 2010


'... yesterday my life was cold and gre-ey!'

C'mon, try and tell me you're not singing along.
Doesn't matter anyway, I won't believe you.

Ahem. So we just had a great couple of days with my lovely sister-in-law Eva, who is now on a plane back to Perth. She's just been in Cannes for the film festival, swanning around in beautiful dresses and partying with famous people... That's how I imagine it, anyway.

The weather has been amazing for the last couple of days, I think it must have been at least 25 degrees yesterday. WHOA! And it didn't even rain in between sunny periods, it was just... warm. Ah London, you've definitely taught me to appreciate beautiful weather... And, it seems, you've also taught me how to ramble on about it!

We went to Victoria Park, and walked around Bethnal Green and visited Eva's old stomping grounds. I'm trying to think of specifically awesome stuff we did, but it was really just leisurely rambling around the place, stopping for a bit of shopping or a pint every now and again. We had pizza for dinner with an awesome lady that Eva met in Cannes, and then watched some football at her house.

It was pretty much the epitome of a lovely day off!

I'll leave you with this:

Had to be done.

Friday, May 21, 2010

As promised...

Ross, now in technicolour! Comes in a range of silly poses!

Okay, technicolour is a slight exaggeration (unless technicolour is short for 'technically, I guess dark blue is a colour'. Then it's perfect!)


Work story: I can't be bothered with the rant, but yesterday was terrible and rage inducing, so I went in to talk to the manager today and give him my resignation letter. After detouring into all the neighbouring shops to browse (read: psych myself up), I finally went in, but the manager was on his break, so I talked to the assistant manager instead.

This was kind of a good and bad thing - I definitely find him nicer and easier to talk to than the manager, but that meant that when he begged me to stay for one more month, I said yes. I think I could have put my foot down and left, but this way I can find another job first, and they can get someone to replace me...

Plus he said if I still want to leave after a month, he'll make sure I don't lose my last week's pay. I half-jokingly suggested that he should fire me, because then he could give me an extra month's pay in lieu of notice. That'd be great.


I just watched a really cute little cartoon about an astronaut and some craters in love. Wanna see?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Karma or coincidence?

Hey so you know how I refused to work a shift for that guy, and had a lovely day off instead?

I ate some leftover lamb stew at the end of said day off, and got violently ill, had to call in sick to work yesterday, and guess who did my shift? That guy. Aw, how nice of him.

I don't really think it's karma, everyone got put out equally in the equation. I'm going back to work today, although in hindsight I wish I'd asked for another day off. I think I'll be fine, but I felt a bit clammy and gross this morning. Oh well, maybe I'll get to leave early!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

More? More!

So, where was I? Okay, after our lovely guests left, we consoled ourselves with playing a show and celebrating our housemate Victoria's birthday! It was a fantastic night, we pulled off a pretty good show without rehearsing, the other bands were awesome, and we caught up with lots of our friends!

Daisy and Victoria, our amazingly awesome housemates who help us prove that Australians and New Zealanders can safely and happily cohabit.

(Not sure if they approve of this photo, I guess we'll find out!)

Aw, yeah! Such fun times!


On Saturday, Victoria and her twin sister Hannah hosted a picnic in London Fields, where Ross made a new friend.

There were lots of cute dogs wandering around, so Ross roughed this guy up a bit and gave him some gourmet sausage. I bet he does that floppy ear thing on purpose, just to get boar sausages. Cutie.

I don't seem to have any good photos of humans from the picnic. Oops.


Today Ross and I went into Shoreditch and had brunch, then went to Oxford street and went shopping! Ross got some new pants and shirts and shoes, featuring colours! Exciting times.

And I..... got this.

You can't tell from this picture, but it's a ring. Shaped like a wolf. Awesome.

On a related note, the jewelery section at Topman is incredible. Girls get all these dangly feathery things, and men get wolves and jets and seahorses! So many cool earrings, too. 

Ah, and to top off our awesome awesome day, we had lunch at a place called Kati Roll, and it was the most delicious thing ever. They serve rolls that are sort of Indian style kebabs - with parathas instead of pita, and light spicy marinated meat and vegies instead of greasy doner meat. SO GOOD.


Oh yeah, and in order to enjoy this lovely day with Ross, I had to refuse to work today. They called me last night and asked if I could cover a dude because he 'had something on'. So I said no, I have stuff to do, too!
Yay me! I definitely think I did the right thing, and I really appreciated the awesome day I had. 

And that's that. You guys are up to date with EVERYTHING that's happened to me in May. Aren't you pleased?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did you never dream...?

Well, did you?


It has been a pretty busy week or two here in Walthamstow, the highlights have been lovely international visitors and BIRTHDAYS!

Anja stayed with us for about ten days, for Ross' birthday and general hanging out and having fun. I was working quite a bit, but on my day off we had an awesome Primark shopping day. Plus we did some hardcore op shopping on the high street - poor Anja could barely pack her suitcase for the trip home! 

My sister-in-law Eva stayed for two nights - well, one and a half, she had to leave at two am on Tuesday to get a flight to Cannes. She's over there promoting a Western Australian film that she produced, Little Sparrows. I don't think it's showing at the festival, but it's a good opportunity for them to meet people and make contacts and stuff. Plus Eva gets to wear lots of fancy dresses - there's some photos on Vicki's blog, plus more info about the movie!


Ross' birthday was awesome fun - although I just realised it was more than a week ago and I still haven't posted any photos. Ooops.

We had a big house dinner, and I made rabbit pie! The meat really did look pretty terrifying, I bought a whole one from the butcher, who cut it into quarters for me. Ross said that when they are delivered to the butcher, they have to still have their fur, just to prove they're really rabbits and not cats or weasels or something. Madness.

Anyway, dinner was totally delicious, and everyone had lots of fun.

Of course I made a rabbit shaped jelly again! Anja loved it. 
No really. Loved. It.

And Anja also made a delicious and awesome cake. Good times.

Okay, must post this, it's been drafted and redrafted for days now! Next time I'll tell you about the show and the picnic!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today is a birthday...

The first time she remembers meeting him was in the park above the city. It was summer, and so bright, so hot. She'd spent the last few months in a faraway cold place, where the sun shone hesitantly. She could hardly believe that the light here could be so strong that it washed out even the brightest colours of the day. This sun made summer photos look older than they were, washy and overexposed in a way that lent itself to nostalgia.

He was young and quiet, with big brown eyes and even bigger mop of brown hair. He wore a striking, colourful and slightly ridiculous hat, in the way that teenagers do. He got shy and ducked his head when she tried to take a photo of him. She still has that photo somewhere, just the top of his head and his funny hat.

They sat in the dappled shadows of gum trees and looked out at the river and the city beside it. She can't remember what they talked about, probably music and school and other such nonsense, the gaps in their awkward conversation filled by their chatty and outgoing mutual friend.

You never know which days will turn out to be the ones that matter a lot.


Along with another couple of friends, they formed a close gang and spent all summer together. They listened to the Reindeer Section and Múm and Belle and Sebastian and sometimes they played their own music together.

She loved him without really realising it – she wrote him a birthday card that looked like a love letter, although she didn't notice until she looked at it years later (he had kept it in a cardboard box all that time). They spent lots of time in the sun being young and happy and free. 

When one of their friends left, they kissed.


To be honest, she was still a melodramatic teenager sometimes. She was quite clingy and whiny and needy, but he put up with all of that and thankfully, it made her a better person.


They broke up one time. He felt like he wanted to experience life before he settled down with one person forever. She understood, and wanted him to be happy, but she was sad about not being with him. When she cried that night, he was the one who held her – maybe that's not how it usually works, but he was the only one who really understood how she was feeling.

He realised he wanted to be with her, and she realised that was all she wanted, too.
They were both lucky people.


They lived in an old house with floorboards (and mice that lived underneath them). After a series of flatmates, they finally ended up alone and together. They spent boxing day in their underwear and watched movies and danced.

She went back to the cold place to visit, and she missed him. He missed her, too, so much that he tried to melt himself into a beanbag to lure her back. They talked on the phone sometimes. One time in particular she was upset and horrified and wanted desperately for him to be there. She was a mess, but she felt better knowing that he was in her life and in the world, even if he was far away.


They played music together. For years. They toured and recorded and played shows and made video clips. They got to do so many exciting things, and they got to do them together. Lucky.


They moved across the world and he met her family who still lived in the cold place. They all loved him, because he was noble and good and loveable and would never say no to more coffee.
The cold place felt warmer when he was there with her. It felt more like home.

They rode their bikes out of town, and she whined and moaned about how hard it was. After all that, he still asked her to marry him. She was incredibly surprised and wonderfully happy.


Their wedding was the best week of her life, and it was the best wedding she's ever attended. Their families and closest friends came with them to Iceland, and they ate and drank and danced and laughed together. It was a beautiful time.


They are looking forward to when they can move to the cold place, and get a house and a dog and a kitten and make a baby. He is the most beautiful and wonderful person she's ever known, and she's hoping that they can keep doing things that they love together for the rest of their lives. 
He is her home and her happiness, and she hopes to stay forever.