Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I have about five draft posts saved, but they all felt a bit content-less and trite.
But 5 x content-less and trite = worthwhile post!
Maybe. We'll see!


Holy flippity crap, have you guys actually seen The Fly? Yes, the eighties movie, I got it for 25p at Oxfam the other day, and watched it the other night with Ross. Well, I watched it, Ross fell asleep after the first half an hour.

If you haven't seen it, I'm about to spoil the whole thing for you. It's for the best, I promise. I thought I'd seen enough parodies and pop culture references to know what happens. Guy becomes half fly monster thing, then terrorizes the city, right? Wrong!

Well, mostly right, I guess - he becomes a monster thing (but not until after he turns a baboon inside out). And instead of an instant transformation to a cartoony half-fly man, it's this whole gradual process of his fingernails and teeth and ears falling off and him vomiting on his food and all kinds of other yickness.

Then there's his girlfriend's possibly mutant maggot baby (won't forget that dream sequence for a while), and that bit where he vomits his digestive fluids onto that one guy's leg and arm? And don't even get me started on the gigantic eighties hair on both Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. Gross.

Anyway, it was not what I expected. Watch out for that.


So Ross is still working like crazy - he did 89 hours last week. That's almost as many as I did for the whole of last month! He is getting pretty tired, I think, but the end is in sight - his temp contract finishes at the end of April(ish). And the good news is, they've offered him a proper job after that! Hopefully the hours will be more reasonable.

Anyway, while he's been working his butt off, I have been making stuff and watching TV on the internet!

Firstly, making stuff? 

 Please excuse the odd photo, I've been trying to get a good one for ages. I give up.

I made this weird cowl-scarf thing, although it was originally intended to be a hood-scarf-balaclava thing. I just forgot to read ahead in the pattern, and I realised part-way through that I was going to run out of wool. So I made it into this organic*, quirky** and unique*** neck warmer instead. I'm actually really happy with how it turned out - yay for my blundering ways!

I'm now crocheting a shawly thing (man, why can't I just say 'shawl'? I don't know either, but it's not going to happen). I bought some nice wool from a proper yarn shop last week, but I can't find a pattern I like - I've started over four or five times now. So, being me, I'm making it up as I go along! I learnt to do a bunch of different stitches from all the different patterns I started, so I'm mixing and matching them to make another 'unique' piece.

*oddly shaped
** full of errors that I couldn't be bothered fixing
*** I have no idea what I did, and will never be able to re-create it
Man, I should get into PR.


And the awesome thing about crocheting is that you can watch many many episodes of Doctor Who and still pretend that you're being productive! 
It's a bit hard to follow a pattern sometimes, if, say, you're crying because that little robot dog died, or because Rose gets stuck in that parallel dimension and then the Doctor comes to say goodbye and he doesn't even get to say he loves her before he fades away... Sigh. So good.

I've also been watching United States of Tara, on Vicki's recommendation and because I saw an interview with Toni Collette and she seems like a neat person. The lady knows how to take a compliment - Graham Norton told her she was good at acting, and she instead of saying oh no, I'm just lucky, etc., she just agreed with him and said thanks. Anyway, the show is awesome and you should all watch it while knitting unique art pieces.


I think that's about it. Work is fine. I just got trained to do the opening shift, which is pretty rad. 

I don't think I'm necessarily a morning person in everyday life, but I've always enjoyed working morning shifts. I like having those first couple of hours to myself, and the day seems to go much faster. And on top of that, you don't have to clean up and close!
Small pleasures.


Vicki said...

Thought of you when I saw this...all you need is for Ross to make you a supersized crotchet hook.

Neck warmer looks cool can I have one for xmas?

Glad you are enjoying Tara!

olga said...

THAT RUG IS AMAZING. Talk about unique knitted art pieces...

And yes, there'll definitely be some quirky knitted gifts in your future :)


northern musings said...

Great post Olga - have been wondering what you have been up to. Also, in political news - you maybe eligible to vote for me!!!! Will send details once this is confirmed!
I love the neck thingy - they are all the rage here - see you are a fashion trend setter for Walthamstow.
I hope you are planning to make me something quirky and unique!! You know I hate being left out!

Maja said...

Yep, I watched the fly a couple of years ago in its entirety and it was really quite horrifying. So gross. Yet compelling! Malcolm whatshisname was really good in it I thought.

When you first started knitting I was inspired to start sewing my christmas tree skirt again which I started in Iceland so many eons ago, but I can't find it ANYWHERE. It is soooo frustrating. I'm sure I just slipped it in between some stuff in a cupboard somewhere, but I stored it in a plastic bag and I'm so scared that it accidentally got thrown out... I'll have another look on break. Take everything out of the cupboards and put it all back in again. That always works.

Sheesh, 89 hours is A LOT! I work about that many hours in 9 day stint, but I don't have to commute and cook and clean here. It's great they're going to give him a permanent job. Hope the hours get a bit more decent then.

Definitely the best thing about working the early shift is getting to go home early. Yay! xox

Anonymous said...

Wow! I like your scarf. You're amazing with all this craft, you can make all the xmas pressies this year. I looked at the floor rug, it's awesome. Have a lovely weekend, hope Ross starts taking it easy. Lots of love. Mum

Gill Omega said...

i love the neckpiece! :)