Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sundries. And a story about a shark.

I just read an interesting essay about selling out. It was written by Dave Eggers (who writes stories that I tend to like) and it is pretty long, but here is a great quote:

"The thing is, I really like saying yes. I like new things, projects, plans, getting people together and doing something, trying something, even when it's corny or stupid. I am not good at saying no. And I do not get along with people who say no. When you die, and it really could be this afternoon, under the same bus wheels I'll stick my head if need be, you will not be happy about having said no. You will be kicking your ass about all the no's you've said. 


No is for wimps. No is for pussies. No is to live small and embittered, cherishing the opportunities you missed because they might have sent the wrong message."

Good, hey? I think it might become my motto, except I guess a motto is supposed to be a catchy catchphrase, isn't it?
Manifesto, then? Somehow I don't feel like the kind of person who has a manifesto.
Oh well, we'll call it some pretty good advice and leave it at that.


I told you about Joanna Newsom's album, right? It's incredible and has captivated most of our house. Joe and Maja are even going to see her in Berlin, because there were only super expensive tickets left for London. I think it'll actually be cheaper than going to the London show - including flights, trains, everything! I forget that the rest of Europe is so close!

Anyway, I love the lyrics on the album, and the harp, and the drums, and the piano, and her voice! She seems so lovely, both from her music and from what I've seen in interviews and live performances. Just one of those really amazing and inspiring people.


Ross told me a funny story about a story he told at work, and I meant to share it with you, but then I forgot. So here it is:

Ross was talking about a time when he was younger, and his dad and Domenic were crabbing. They were out in the water, and his dad saw a fin and thought it was a shark. So he grabbed Dom and ran out of the water. 

Ross didn't actually say that last part out loud, he just made a gesture that was supposed to indicate 'grabbing your son and running back to the beach'.
His workmates interpreted the gesture as 'and then my brother got eaten by a shark'. And so they were all shocked and horrified, and said 'Really?' and 'That's pretty heavy.'

And Ross, whose brother didn't get eaten by a shark, thought 'Wow, these Englanders are pretty easily horrified by Australian wildlife. Nothing even happened!' 

He figured it out later, and cleared it all up with them. I think they had thought that he was a bit weird for being so blase about it. 

Aw, I ended up going to apply for the Brick Lane job on Monday, but they had already filled the vacancy... Sucks a bit, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I had a pretty good day at work today, just quite straightforward and sunny and nice. Plus I've gotten to the point where I know how to do most of the things that need doing, which makes me happy. 
I guess I'm going to keep this job, with some provisos: I'm going to look on the bright side, stand up for myself when necessary, and spend my free time on knitting and writing. Yeah!


Vicki said...

Say Yes...that is my motto!

The shark story is funny! Ask Ross where that was because I remember one holiday when I was in knee deep water, several sharks were swimming around but I can't remember where it was...maybe Dunsborough or Busselton!

northern musings said...

Ah yes, but one also needs to be able to say no... at the right time. Mind you, I don´t think that I ever say no... hmmm will need to ponder on this for a bit. Stay positive and happy towards your work and all will be fine. Keep reminding your boss that he is a dick and that he is lucky to have you working there. In a nice way of course...

Maja said...

Hmm, yes, I have to agree that saying yes results in much more fun and fewer regrets. There was a while there when I wasn't exactly saying no but I wasn't keeping in touch with people and I was just being really reclusive and it made me lonely and unhappy. Once I started going out and doing things and getting out of my comfort zone I felt much better about life and then people actually do call and ask if you want to do stuff and then you can say yes yes yes!

I heard a song off Joanna Newsom's new album on the radio and it was pretty good. Is it a 2 or 3 disc album? I like the name "have one on me."

Never mind about the job. Keep up the positive attitude and it will all be good.


Anna said...

This is an awesome thing Olgi. I am possibly thinking of moving to the eastern states when I finish uni.