Monday, April 5, 2010


Just some bits and pieces... I tried to upload a video of Easter jelly, but my blog does not want it... It's here on my Flickr, though!
Unfortunately, Ross took a bite before I took the video, but never mind. I think it adds a bit of interesting narrative tension to the video, don't you?

Ross shaved his head the other day - I think it looks pretty good. Apparently when he was little, his dad used to call this a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle haircut, so that they'd all be excited to have shaved heads. Awesome.

Hey, my mum and dad sent me a package and it is great! Thank you, guys!! I got a really cute cardigan, and a cookbook from 1926 with instructions on how to cure your own bacon, and some puzzle books! Ah, they know me so well. Hee hee, and I also got a book of patterns for crocheting booties in the shape of Converse sneakers, among other things. Awesome. Someone have a baby already, I'll knit you some awesome footwear!

And last in my assortment of stuff is a photo of Ross' handyman skills at making the record player work. He figured that the stylus arm was too light to read the record properly, so...

Heck yeah.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys and happy Easter! The haircut looks great! I'm glad the parcel arrived. The Golden Wattle Cookbook is a must for all good housewives. Try the scones. Love you both lots. Mum and dad

northern musings said...

You are brilliant!!! Mega love to you all. Steina has Halli, he is such a cutie - you could make booties for him... or just make booties and save them for when you might need them!!!!!!

Maja said...

Simple solutions are always the best!