Sunday, April 11, 2010

In honour of my 159th post...

The best thing ever?

The link will take you to Boys Boys Boys' video clip for Ticky Ticky Boom, in which Jerico and the rest of the gang dance with some dude in his living room. I watched it and it made me so so happy, hope it works for you, too!



Northern musings said...

Love it!!!! Such a good clip - we were trying to see Anna - she did go to the shooting didn't she. Maggi and I both thought that you really must miss being a part of the boys x 3!
Have a wonderful week and happy 159th post!

Anna said...

Did you see me?! In my zebra dress? I come from the right side of the screen, near the front, and then I'm sort of to the right and behind Janelle, and then I'm like in the middle for the rest of it. I'm wearing a masquerade mask and a zebra dress.

olga said...

Hey Sigga, I do miss it, it was so much fun prancing about on stage and singing pretty harmonies. It makes me a little bit homesick, but I'm glad they're doing so well!

I think I can see Kristinn on the right and Nicola on the leftish - she's wearing an Indian feathery headdress right?

I didn't see Anna the first time, but I watched again and caught some glimpses! Everyone's so bouncy!

This is a pretty fun game.