Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Haven't really done anything holiday related, although Ross and I both have the long weekend off! I had to work a little shift on Friday, but the rest of the weekend has been really relaxing.

Yesterday we went to Oxfam and bought a stack of videos, none of which require any brainpower to watch - there's some Disney, some Roald Dahl, and some dumb and quotable comedies ("...we've got no food, no jobs, our pets' HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!"). Then Daisy and Victoria had some friends over, so we got to eat some delicious cannelloni for dinner and hang out with cool people.

Today we did a bit of a tidy up/ organise/ throw some stuff away... Ross is better at the throwing things away part, but I did manage put some clothes and books aside for the op shop - baby steps! Maybe when I'm an old lady I'll figure out how to not hoard crap in the first place!

I'm going to make a pie of some sort for dinner tonight - it was supposed to be rabbit, but they didn't have any at the butcher's yesterday. Ross saw some there last week, maybe they sold out because lots of people eat bunnies at Easter? Maybe not. 

So yeah, not much exciting stuff going on here. Just some nice quiet good times at home!


northern musings said...

I am still laughing at the maybe when I am old bit - sorry bud, no chance you have the hoarding gene - no matter how hard you try - you just can´t.... I was cleaning the top of mums cupboard today - managed to be allowed to throw away two old empty deodorant containers......
Tidied my clothes cupboard - moved the trousers with the holes in them from one cupboard to another....

Vicki said...

Enjoy the time both deserve it...there is nothing wrong with some lazy time!

Throwing/giving things away you no longer need can be cathartic and good for the soul. I used to have the hoarding gene but it is not as strong as it once there is still hope!

Mmm rabbit would have been yum!

Maja said...

The trick is to reorganise everything fairly often, that way you remember the things you never use and you either start using them, or you throw them away the next time you reorganise. And then you can also fit more stuff in!!

olga said...

Ha ha, Sigga that is hilarious!

Maybe I'll figure it out one day... Regular organising sounds like I might work... Or I can get Ross to get rid of it all while I'm not looking.