Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good day...

I had a really nice customer today. He's a semi regular, I've definitely seen him once or twice before. Anyway, I was at the till and he congratulated me on having a name badge - I have been stuck with an 'in training' badge for a really long time. And we chatted, I was all pleasant customer service-y, and then he sat down to drink his coffee.

I then went over to clear a table near him, and he said
'So Olga, are you always this happy?'
To which I replied 'Um, kind of, I guess. And I have a pretty good customer service smile for when I'm not!'
And then he basically said that it looked like I was cheerful and enjoying myself and happy about being where I was, and that was a really lovely thing. And he said I 'radiated joy'. (Hmm, sounds a little creepy now that I'm typing it, but it wasn't at all.)

Anyway, I'm not sure if it's relevant, but he was Australian,  and he said that quite a lot of the people working in things like retail and hospitality over here can tend to be quite rude. I guess it goes both ways, sometimes hospitality workers can be rude and unpleasant, and sometimes customers can be even ruder and more unpleasant. And then one of these bunches of people makes life hell for the other bunch, until everyone is stupid and pointlessly mean.

So it is quite a lovely surprise when people are not awful - when customers not only realise that you're a human person, but also say nice things to you, and about you.

Also, it's nice to remember that although my job is not an especially important one, I am pretty good at it, and not everyone is.


Then there was another customer who looked at my name badge and started speaking to me in Polish. As you do.


northern musings said...

I had to laugh about the Polish bit... Oh Olga, you are so precious - meant obviously in a good way! Glad you had a nice customer and nice of him to take notice of the name badge change. You are good at whatever you do and nothing is unimportant - we know that. I think life would be really really really bad if we didn´t have people like Tryggvi collecting bottles, Ă“mar collecting the rubbish etc etc. All so much more worthwhile than pen pushers like me - who shuffle papers to keep other paper shufflers happy. Hope you have another great day tomorrow!

Bob Mac said...

made me feel good reading about you feeling good, too much misery around today. i enjoyed working in the building industry, air conditioning erector, very mundane job but i really got a kick out of looking at a completed job and knowing ' i've put that up and it looks good'. Stay happy

Anonymous said...

Hi Poss, Good on you for being a beautiful lovable person. I'm having issues with my boss who doesn't like the pet farm, but I just smile and listen to her ramblings and think " hey you are the one with the problem." The kids, parents and most staff love the pets and they are an asset to our school. Love you and Ross lots.

Vicki said...

It is the small good things that make the world go around and I am sure this is one of those moments. You radiating joy is obviously contagious (in a good way) so keep it up and remember that moment when you get the annoying customers!

Maja said...

hahaha, the polish bit is hilarious :)

Most people are nice to you if you're nice to them, I guess, there are just always exceptions. I think people can sense your mood behind the smile (or fake smile) as well. But of course you are great at customer service! You have empathy :)