Friday, April 16, 2010

Eruption links!

This one I yoinked from Iceland Review. Angry angry craters.

Aha, I couldn't find where I got this photo from, but it turns out I followed a link that Sigga had, and it's by a gentleman called Sigurgeir Guðjónsson. Yay for not stealing credit!

I also got this one from Sigga:
The reason for the eruption has been found - Björgólfur (the owner of Landsbanki) gave his 'apology' and the island vomited.

From Iceland's Facebook page - aw, I still love you Iceland. 

Although I guess I would be cranky if I was trying to go, say, anywhere on an airplane.
All the flights into or out of London have been cancelled, and apparently it's the biggest grounding of flights since WWII. Or September 11, depending on where you read it... Crazy, hey?


northern musings said...

there is so much happening all over the interwebs on this - very hard to keep up - almost information overload!! Have you seen the photo of David Oddsson - superimposed with scary volcano...

Maja said...

Yes, it would definitely by annoying if you wanted to go somewhere by plane. But it's not the end of the world...

I'd rather be grounded than dying in an airplane crash.

olga said...

Very true, Maja!

I saw the David Oddsson one on your fb, Sigga - kinda terrifying!