Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hey so I was thinking maybe I should cut my hair short again! It's mostly a bit of a hassle, I have to tie it up completely for work... Then again, I just managed to put it up into a really pretty bun, so maybe I shouldn't be too hasty?


I bought Joanna Newsom's new(ish) triple album, Have One on Me. It seems pretty awesome, although like the last album, I think I'll need to listen to it on headphones repeatedly - it's almost a shame that I'm not commuting at the moment... No, wait, it really isn't. I love walking to work.


Speaking of work, I think I had (got? reached? what verb works here?) my final straw today. Full story? Okay, so Ross and I went to the nice coffee place in Brick Lane on Monday, and they had a sign saying staff wanted: must be able to make coffee and speak English - those are both in my top five of things I'm good at*!

So I was thinking of applying,  seriously enough that I printed out a resume before work today. I was still a little bit undecided, though. Then I went to work, and discovered that my annoying manager had been annoying again! Oops, I just looked for a backstory post, but it turns out I didn't whinge about it here when it happened. Basically: I like to write down my roster when it's put in the folder, and then I turn up to those shifts. He likes to change my roster after I write it down, then call me to see why I'm not at work...

Last time he did it, I told him that I was annoyed about it, and that from now on he had to tell me if/when he changed my roster... And yet? My day off, which was supposed to be tomorrow, has been taken away! ARG-H.
On the plus side, it made my decision pretty easy. I should quit that hellhole now. Or after I get this new job. Yay!


Gah! Explaining all the work drivel is exhausting. 
Let's take a break and shake all our worries out, guys!
Let's look at these modifications I made to this octopus - suggested by K!

Totes. Awes.

That feels better. Hey, you know what else is good? Someone at the AV club just wrote this awesome primer for watching Dr. Who. It's great, because I watched a little bit of the new series at Sigga's, and I'd like to watch more, but I felt like I should catch up on everything else that's ever happened before... Now I don't have to - and by the sounds of it, that's a good thing. I'll settle for watching Sigga's DVDs of Christopher Eccleston onwards! Yeah!


In less fun news, Ross is working the crazy hours again. He's been working til ten-thirty-ish for the last three nights! Should be good for the monies, though. And hopefully he'll have the weekend off!

* Top five things I am good at doing
  1. speaking English
  2. making coffee
  3. crocheting octopi
  4. braiding my hair (not anyone else's, though)
  5. hugs


Vicki said...

Yes, apply for the Brick Lane position!

Those octopi seem to be multiplying at a rapid rate!!!

Maja said...

Yeah! Wait til payday, then quit dumb job. Get new job. Good times! That manager sounds like such an arse. You should write to head office and let them know why you are leaving. I'm sure you'll get the other job. Apply now!

Anonymous said...

Hi poss,
Yep Quit and get the new job. Is Brick Lane far away? You can still come berry picking with me. Vicki are you coming berry picking too? Holidays are good but go too quickly. Will call you soon. Love mum

northern musings said...

Brick lane!!! lots of curries and that wonderful market - bit more of a commute - but hey - Brick Lane!!!!
Ditto to what Maja said - don´t show up after pay day (once new job is in the bag) write letter to head office advising of dickheads non management skills!

Poor Rossy - hope you are feeding him well!! and I love the octopi. Very nice! And I shall now read the primer!

Gill Omega said...

You left WRITING off your list :) do you like the new Dr Who (as in, the new-new one?)