Thursday, March 4, 2010


Finally I have a day off - I just did eight days straight, although admittedly some of them were pretty short working days... Still, it is lovely to have nothing in particular to do, and no rush to do it.

I'll probably do some washing, grocery shopping, buy some hardcore cold and flu drugs for Ross - he's got a killer cold at the moment, it sprang up out of nowhere on tuesday and he was all fevery last night. Poor love.

Of course it hasn't stopped him from working twelve hour days at his new work; they're just getting into the really busy period that they hired him for, so he doesn't want to let them down. I have tried arguing the point that they would rather he called in sick than drop dead from the plague at work, but he remains unconvinced that that will happen.


What else? I have been crocheting like a fiend before and after work! I've nearly finished a cupcake for my friend Jade* and I have the most amazing pattern that I'm knitting from now, but I can't tell you what it is because it's a secret surprise for Anna. It's intended to be a birthday present, but it looks like I'll finish it way before then, so I'll probably send it early!

I gave the lobster to my housemate Victoria as an early birthday present, and it was a big hit. Daisy told me that she used to collect knitted toys in New Zealand, but she didn't bring any with her to London. Victoria was suitably impressed with the lobster, there were lots of high pitched squeals and heart palpitations - she is a great person to give presents to!

Anyway, I should go get some stuff done! Yay for a (hopefully) productive day off!

*let's hope she doesn't choose now to start reading my blog...

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