Sunday, March 14, 2010

"It doesn't take much for us to treat every other person in this world first with respect and then with kindness, if possible."

So... I have been reading (and quoting) this great book called 'Memoirs of a Master Forger', it is pretty interesting and set in London. I really like the way it's written, it pretty much hooked me from the first page. And then, after I finish that book, I have a sci fi novel by Stephen Fry to read! I didn't even read the blurb, but I'm sure it'll be awesome (and also, it was in an op shop, so it was only a pound anyway).

Haven't got any mega news or anything, just been having some nice times around the place... And I've finished phase 1 of my knitted gift to Anna. If I knew how to lj cut, I could maybe post a picture and give Anna strict instructions to not click on the link - but a) I don't know how to do that and b) that's just a little bit mean, isn't it? So everyone's in the dark until she gets it!

Nice times in the past week: catching up with Anjay on Monday for pizza in East London, and then some going away drinks for Emily, the NZ girl who's been staying with us. She is an awesome lady, and she fitted in really well here in Walthamstow - she shall be missed (although I think it sounded like she wants to be back here soon!) For a hermit like me, it has been a busy week!

 Emily's going away was awesome, we went to GBK for dinner. It's a New Zealand owned gourmet burger place in London Bridge, and it is totally awesome. Ross couldn't make it because he was working Saturday morning, but I will definitely take him there some other time.

After dinner we went to Shunt, which is a weird art space /venue /bar in the tunnels underneath London Bridge. It's such an interesting space, and there's lots of cool interactive art around the place - they had these beams of light pointing at the ground, and if you put your hand into the light it triggered samples and controlled some other spotlights around the place. Imagine a big harp with no strings, and instead of making harp type sounds, it makes drum type sounds. Pretty cool.  

Apart from that, I've just been working a bit, playing some video games, crocheting a little. I got an email from mum (HI MUM!), and she said that she's definitely coming to Iceland in Autumn - yay!! I am very excited, and hopefully that'll coincide with the holidays that I had to book when I first started at Costa! Something to look forward to - which as we all know, is the secret to true happiness!

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northern musings said...

I just realised that I did not comment on this - instead I went to amazon to find the stephen fry book.... am not sure which one - but is it the one where suddenly adolph no longer existed... well, I don´t need to tell you that you need to send / pack this when next you come...