Monday, March 15, 2010


So today at work, the till was 40 pounds down at the end of the night. Apparently company policy is that that money gets repaid by the staff. Since there was just me and the assistant manager closing, I put twenty pounds of my money into the till. Um, what?

I have calmed down now and am no longer fuming, but I think I probably should be. First of all, I'm not convinced that company policy says that all employees who touched the till have to chip in to fix it. I have a feeling that the manager or whoever's in charge is 'responsible' but even so, I don't think they should have to pay it back, either.
At previous places I've worked (hello Dome: in hindsight, I love you and all of your  stupidly detailed systems and policies!), if you're the supervisor/manager/person in charge, then if the till is down, you try your best to find out why.
You talk to staff, you count everything three times and if it's still wrong, you tick the box on the computer that says "counted everything three times and cannot find reason" (Yep, that's actually what it said).
You take note of it, and if money keeps going missing, you look for the common factor and hopefully find out who is stealing or lacking in basic maths skills.
At no point in this equation do the employees put money in the till. That is just dumb; it leaves you with some resentful employees who might as well start stealing from the till, because at least that way they're not losing money by coming to work.

Screw that place. I'm going to start looking for something else. And then I'm going to call in sick every day on my last week, so that they can't take any more of my hard earned money/time.


Phew. Let's try not to end on that note, shall we? We are going to have a high tea on Sunday as a very belated birthday celebration for me! I don't know how 'high' it'll actually be - I'm fairly sure we'll dress up and cut the crusts off some sandwiches, but let's face it, we'll still be in Walthamstow.

This is from afternoon tea that I had in Perth with some very lovely ladies.
Oh how I miss you, sunshine and Perth friends!

And also, I have a day off tomorrow! How awesomely fun and nice - I will enjoy every second of it!


northern musings said...

that is just crap. surely it would be possible to see from the till where or when the mistake happened, was it exactly forty pounds or were there pence involved? I am fuming for you my dear - see cos if the manager was ripping the place off he just made off with 20 pounds - your 20 pounds and that is just not on. I would find some place to complain to - this can not be legitimate in any way. We need to find you a lawyer....

Anonymous said...

Olga, don't you dare put money in that till again! Trust me, that is NOT legal!! He's actually insulting his employees by implying they're misinformed/cowed enough to now pay him for working for them(!) And if someone is stealing, this just means that's fine?? Make a call too workplace what-ever-it's-called, get their comment on it (ie NOT LEGAL) and then at the end of the next shift, just say, it's illegal for you to suggest that, and calmy walk out and go home. He can't fire you for an illegal 'rule' he's attempting to instigate. That is so unbelievable, I am actually DUMBFOUNDED. Gillian

Anonymous said...

Here, try this site- deductions from pay are illegal, let alone what he's doing! cheers, gillian

ps. It says in the pay section, that if the contract specifies it, he can deduct money from pays for till shortages, but it's a very minimal amount, and I think can be questioned... they can't demand cash on the spot(!!)

Anyhow, it says to ring/contact these people, and they will give you advice:

I hope that helps :)

KH said...

Well, obviously the only sensible thing to do is to steal another 40 pounds next time; that way, you'll have to put back another 20 pounds, but you'll get back the 20 you "returned" today.

They really haven't thought this system through.

Anna said...

Wait, what? At my first job, the till was down multiple times. It turned out I was a moron who can't operate a till. That is so fucked! I recommend Gillian's suggestion.

On a less depressing note: High teas are rad! I wish you a good one. Have scones!

Vicki said...

That is ridiculous...did you sign an employment contract...check to see if there are any clauses related to till shortages...I am sure if it is not in your contract you do not have to pay. Were you given a receipt for the 20 pounds, you will need it for your tax return...I am sure some sort of investigation should be entered into before staff are made liable...ask for a copy or to at least view the till tape to ascertain where the error occurred. I get so disappointed by people in power..whatever level that maybe...there always seems to be so many that abuse their positions.

olga said...

Thanks for all your outrage and advice, loved ones! It is a stinky situation, I'm going to try to talk to the manager tomorrow, and if that doesn't work, I'm calling head office!
Love you all!


Bridget Turner said...


bullshit cafe jobs thinking that they can just do whatever they like.....dude there has to be some kind of law!! 20 pounds!!! whaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


Bridget Turner said...

that was a pretty good tea party spread!