Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good things!

Oh noes! I didn't take any good photos of the tea party, but I'm going to steal some off Daisy at the earliest opportunity, I promise.

It was heaps of fun, we all got dressed up and made so many sweet treats! Daisy made some great muffins - the beetroot ones were amazing (think carrot cake, that makes it less weird), Victoria and Maja both made sandwiches - we decided that savoury things let you eat more sweet things, because they act like a full stop. As Victoria put it: "Cupcake cupcake cupcake jelly sandwich. Jelly cupcake jelly biscuit sandwich." 
Hmm, we thought it was the funniest thing ever at the time, but maybe you had to be there. And high on sugary treats.

Victoria's sister Hannah brought ginger beer and fancy tea, and Anjay brought champagne (okay, okay, sparkling pinot noir. Spoilsports).

I made some cupcakes, cookies, pink lemonade and of course, the bunny jelly. It worked really well, and Daisy has a fantastic picture of it! I think the jelly here in England is more wobbly than jelly at home. It comes in cubes of concentrated jelly, rather than the powder that you get in Australia. Weird, but awesome. 

So yeah, tea party = success. Yay for my real cool house and the awesome people in it!


Here's another awesome thing - I bought it while I was out buying the rabbit mould. There are some very exciting shops in Islington...

Ross called him 'Tinysaur'. I love that man.


What else, what else? Work is okay, it feels easier as I get better at it. Our customers suck quite a lot of the time, but I guess that's life. Most of it just washes over me, but I think I might stab the next person who leaves gum stuck to their tray. I mean, really? Really? It's pretty ridiculous, especially when they've also grabbed a wad of napkins and left those completely untouched.
Sometimes I worry about humans.
And that's all. I'm going to make curry for dinner, but I had a late lunch so I'm not that motivated. There's still some leftovers from last night, but I think Ross would mutiny at eating chilli for the third meal in a row.  Curry will be awesome, I'm going to try to make it from scratch!


northern musings said...

Sounds brilliant - can't wait to see the photos. Glad work is improving - did the money issue get resolved??? Tell me how the curry goes too... I may want the recipe.

Maja said...

Mmm cupcakes! I like the sandwich full stop. You're right, it really works!

Love da tinysaurus.


olga said...

Money issue is still pending, although Assistant Manager man said that he'd talked to head office about whether someone had banked an extra forty pounds the previous night...

Curry was good, but there is no recipe - just add spices to taste. I'm gradually getting the hang of which flavour is which... Cardamom pods, yes!

Sandwich full stop was definitely genius. We should do high tea next time I'm in Perth, Maja! Although I'm guessing you'll be pretty busy around that time!