Monday, March 29, 2010


Haven't written in a while, I've been working lots of shifts! They haven't been long shifts, but I feel pretty worn out anyway... Thanks to my manager's super awesome roster making skills, I got two weeks in a row of six days per week. I remember us having a conversation where I said I couldn't work six days a week, but I'm starting to think maybe I hallucinated it? I have been having some odd dreams lately.

Then, of the twelve days I'm working, he managed to put eleven of them next to each other! What a thoughtful guy! My day off is on Wednesday, so luckily I've just got to get through tomorrow without stabbing any customers... I am optimistic, but make no promises.

When I talked to him about it, he looked at the roster and furrowed his brow, then said 'oh but it's okay, you'll only have three shifts next week.' And then I put the two rosters next to each other and showed him my lack of a day off, and he said that it was good for me - to which I said 'snuh?' and 'blkgjf?' and 'yeah, well it won't be that great for the customers once I start throwing things at them.' I don't think he heard me.

On a nicer note, the assistant manager offered to let me leave three hours early today. I told him about my roster hassles on Friday, so it was nice of him to try to look out for me. Unfortunately, it was another guy who was going to have to stay and cover my shift, and he didn't seem too happy about it. As I was about to clock out at three, I thanked him for staying, and he said that he was being forced to do it - but that next time I could cover his shift...
Anyway, I figured I may as well just stay and work, rather than making the other dude cranky and having to owe him. Still, I was pretty pleased that the assistant manager thought of it. I think that's what upsets me most about the manager - he just doesn't seem to listen!

Wanna hear a kind of funny story? There's this guy who works in the shopping centre (I think - or maybe he just likes loitering). He often hangs out near one of the entrances next to Costa, and smokes cigars.
I don't know if he's doing it on purpose, but he also paces back and forth, right in front of  the sensor for the automatic doors. So the cigar smoke wafts in and fills the cafe with a nice carcinogenic stench. Mmm. I'm not that fussed, really - I kind of like the smell - but it's pretty ridiculous to watch.


Oooh, in some non-work-related news, we have a show booked in May. We're supporting a math-rock band from Melbourne called My Disco, Andy LOVES them. It should be a real fun night - assuming we can remember how to play the songs!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - do you need to see a dude dancing to Boys Boys Boys in his lounge room? Yes, you do.


Northern musings said...

Brilliant - love the clip... how much did they pay him - do they know him - this could be scary....

Work sounds a bit crap sweety - good that you have work, but sounds like there are some very very strange people working there. Any more problems with the till?

love you

KH said...

Woah, My Disco, awesome! I haven't seen them in forevs unfortunately.

Maja said...

Listening is a skill many people don't have, unfortunately.