Sunday, February 14, 2010


I should finish things more often, it is great fun!

In other news, I worked today and it was pretty okay. Nice and quiet, and I worked with the other manager for the first time. I was warned that he was a crazy person, but it turns out he's nice crazy, not bad crazy. Awesome.

Not much else has been going on. Vicki stayed over on Friday night and took us out for delicious Portuguese food. It was delicious.
Ross and I are both a bit flu ridden, but we're taking it easy tonight - staying home and eating a lamb roast! Woo!


Northern musings said...

what´s the lobsters name - or is it zomg?

Its snow storm time in Iceland. Just like winter should be - I doubt that Vicki would believe the weather. Amazing though that it started just after she left.... Iceland certainly put on it's nicest view for her while she was here.
Also, you are inspiring me - am thinking of trying to knit a scarf (cos like I really need one...)

KH said...

Woah, 10/10 Mr Lobster!

s said...

haha that is great!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome Olga. You should go doorknocking at trendy gift/interior stores, and sell them to retailers... quirky handknits are guaranteed sellers! :) cheers,gill

Maja said...

Very slick! Lobby looks awesome!

olga said...

Ha ha! I'm glad everyone else is as excited about the lobster as I am... Otherwise I could have looked pretty lame!