Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." Jack London (1876 - 1916)

Just got a (metaphorical) kick up the bum from Sigga about writing a blog post... She assumed that I hadn't written anything because I was just so busy doing exciting things - sadly the opposite is true, I feel like I've had nothing interesting to write about... However, I know you guys enjoy rambly posts about nothing in particular, so here you go!

 Okay, so my funny story of the week starts on Sunday at work, where my boss sits me down and says that he's worried about me because I looked really tense when I got in that morning. He said I was smiling, but it didn't look like a real smile (I wanted to reply that of course it wasn't a real smile, I save my real smiles for when I'm happy and having fun! People at work get to see my fake work smile. Duh.)
So he was convinced there must be something wrong, some sort of home troubles with money, or maybe my husband? Um. No. But he was so sure that there was something wrong, so I said I was a little worried about money, trying to save up and all. So now he's convinced that I'm completely poor and on the verge of living on the streets. Oops. At least maybe I'll get lots of shifts?

AND THEN: yesterday I had a day off, and he phoned me to see when I wanted to take holidays - apparently you can't just get them paid out, so I'm going to take a couple of weeks off to do nothing in September! Woo! So after I said that, he just stayed on the line and chatted for a while. I'm usually pretty awkward on the phone, even to Ross, so you can imagine the kind of stilted conversation we had. Then he had to go and serve some customers. Fine.
THEN HE CALLED BACK. To chat. Some more. It was pretty hilarious, I had nothing to say to this dude, it just became more and more awkward until he finally had to go. (But not before he invited me to come in and have lunch at work today - even though it's my day off!)

So yeah, quite a strange but funny situation. This guy knows that I'm happily married, so I think he's just a bit lonely and socially awkward. Or maybe he's completely normal and I am the weirdo. Possible.


What else? Apparently just before Ross left to go to work yesterday morning, I woke up a little bit and told him that I had been dreaming of tiny tiny bunnies. I wish I could remember the dream, it sounds rad.



I crocheted a tiny crab. 
Post-lobster, Joe recommended that I specialise in crustaceans - they're quite an unusual choice to make into a soft and fuzzy toy.

And that's pretty much it, kids! Ross and I are going to see Wicked on Thursday night - I got tickets from Joe and Maja for my birthday. I think it'll be awesome, I've heard really good things about it... Hopefully Ross will have a good time, too!


northern musings said...

yay!! keep up the crustacean (whatever...) theme... I think that this is a niche market that is underdeveloped. You could open up the centre for the handicrafted seaworld soft toys... I think you might be right about your boss being lonely - so is he married??? Make sure that Ross comes into the cafe everynow and then to confirm "his place in the pride". later

Anonymous said...

Wicked crab. Are you staying in town after the show? My keyboard is sticking,, Yeah make sure the dood knows and meets Ross. Love yous lots. Mum

Maja said...

haha, that is hilarious about your boss. And he is definitely the socially awkward one, not you. Definitely get Ross to come in and visit you often!

olga said...

Sigga - I should make Icelandic ones and sell them as 'one-of-a-kind souvenirs'... I'll look for a pattern for knitted cod?

Mum - not staying in town, turns out Ross and I are both working early Friday :( Going out for dinner beforehand though!

Maja - Let's not totally dismiss my social awkwardness... But yes, he is a bit odd. At least he's odd in a nice caring way?

Love you all!

Northern musings said...

you could do cod and halibut and haddock and all those other ugly fish varieties... Some nice muscles would be good too

As I said - a niche as yet undiscovered and totally marketable... just put a high enough price tag and make the shop look like something from rodeo drive..

Have a great time tomorrow night and tell me all about the play... it´s one I would have liked to have seen, mind you it is London, so it will probably go on for years and years and years