Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To frugality and beyond!

See, I've been knitting this awesome stuffed lobster, and I got to the point where I needed some stuffing. We don't have a craft store on our road. What to do?

I bought this little guy for 50p...



Ahem. Actually, I think I did a nice job of sewing him back up, I'm considering donating him back to the op shop I bought it from. The children have to learn about hippo amputees one day...


So I went back into work and filled out some paperwork and now feel better about the whole thing. I guess I just get a bit cranky and anxious (cranxious?*) sometimes.

* Ha! You think it's just a funny little side note, but I'm going to keep using that made up word for the rest of my life!


Northern musings said...

wonderful hippo sweety, so when do we see the stuffed lobster???

Anna said...

....Can I have the hippo?

Also, when I am less poor, I am considering sending you some money, and getting you to buy me things from Primark. My primark shoes and tights both have holes. Devastating!

Good luck with job and lobsters.

Anonymous said...

I just said to my little bro, OMG why did she cut off his leg- why didn't Olga just liposuction some of his stomach?? my brother looked &said, geez, the hippo must have known something& Olga was trying to get it out of him! cheers,gill

Maja said...

Aw, hippo amputee! You so mean! hahaha

Cranxious, I like it!