Friday, February 5, 2010

Knitted a hat...

And I say 'hat' in the broadest possible sense - it can go on a head... Although by that logic, waffles are also hats.

It was supposed to be a Totoro bonnet, but I realised that if it's a bonnet, the ears would stick out the back and look weird (... okay, fine, weird-er!) So I'm leaving it plain, but it's not good enough to give to anyone, so I'll just hang onto it. Still, I'm sure my next one will be better!


In other news, I had a job interview today for the coffee shop in the mall down the road! It'd be great to work so close to home - the interview was in Woolwich, though, which was a place I'd never heard of or been to. It went well, I've got a trial on Sunday... Should be nice.

Ross went and got his UK forklift ticket today, he had to do a couple of tests and pay some monies, and now he can apply for a whole bunch of exciting jobs. Whee! 


Maja said...

That's cute! The knitting looks very neat. Didn't take you long, either. It would be awesome if you could work so close to home. I'm sure you'll get it!

olga said...

Thanks Maja, I hope the job works out!

Yeah, I was so proud of my knitting. It's a little bit uneven in places, but I didn't drop any stitches - a first for me!

northern musings said...

Very cute hat!! So how did the job go? Congrats to ross on the ticket getting... Always good to have a ticket.