Monday, February 8, 2010

Got a job!

Although I'm not entirely convinced I want it... The boss has mentioned to me a couple of times that there's a clause in the contract where they get to keep a weeks' pay if I leave in the next six months. I think it's pretty standard for the UK, and I guess he wants to make sure I understand it before I sign anything, but still - kinda lame!

As Ross pointed out when I worried (out loud and for a considerable amount of time) about it this morning: whatever, it's only money. If I really want to stop working there, I can. I just don't like the idea that people penalise you for leaving a job if it isn't the right fit. I mean, surely if someone's unhappy there, they're not going to be putting any effort in, so why would you want to coerce them into staying?

I think maybe I'm reading too much into it, and he didn't mean to focus so heavily on the 'holding your money hostage if you think about leaving' part. And there are probably some partial language barrier problems, too.
The boss guy is Indian (I think?), so his english isn't all that amazing. He was training me on till, and said that when you give back change, you have to use a full sentence, for example:
"You gave me twenty pounds, here's seventeen pounds fifty and your receipt, please."
I'm just hoping he doesn't call me out on not saying please. Because I don't think I will.
Although I do like the way he's erring on the side of politeness - if in doubt, be nice!

Workwise, it seems relatively straightforward, so I'm pretty sure I'll pick it up quickly enough. In any case, I probably won't be working until next Saturday, so there's plenty of time to think it over.

I am kind of ridiculous - even though I don't need to fret over finding a job anymore, I always manage to find something to worry about!


Anyway, apart from that, life is good! I learnt how to knit an i-cord today: to make ties for my bonnet and legs for my lobster.

Ross is doing some temping tomorrow, and he's been offered some more work with Dimitri over the next few months... He's still not sure if he's going to take it, but it's always lovely to be wanted!


Northern musings said...

Oh Olga, only you would worry about this... no not true, I would too. However, the Indian is probably realising that if the brass check out your work he will be out of a job in less than 2 months time.... If you don´t like it then quit. What are the pay dates - is it monthly or weekly? you then work out when it is most profitable for you not to go to work anymore. And just think - you can walk to work!!!! Love you!

Maja said...

Yeah dude! It's easy! You just quit the day after payday.

Anyway, congratulations! Yay for no commute!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Yep quit after payday. Saw Cliff Richard and the Shadows Great they were. Love yous 2 lots!! Mum

Anonymous said...

well, i will say congrats on having new employment to fret about! I am exactly the same- I fret about quitting my work, fret about finding new work, then fret about conditions of the new work... glad it's close by :) cheers,gillian