Monday, February 1, 2010

01/ 02/ 2010

Palindromes, yay! Kinda makes me wish I was back in primary school, I always got a kick out of dates that are fun to write.

So, what have I been up to?

I have now got a poncho in kit form, it still has to be pressed and sewed together... The author of that big knitting book seems to know me so well.  In the section on 'making up garments', there's a whole bit about how tempting it is to do a slapdash job just so you can be finished, but it's important to do it properly! Aw, man, she saw right through me...

 Closer view of my unorthodox knitting needles (sorry Gillian, I destroyed them in the name of art!)
See, I had trouble finding some thick needles, and it just so happened that a friend of mine sent me some kitchen utensils that had spoons one end, and drumsticks the other... I tried knitting just with the drumsticks, but it wasn't quite right, and Ross offered to customise them for me! They're really effective, and the spoon parts have the added bonus of stopping my stitches from falling off. 
They're kind of the ultimate in wifey accessories, aren't they? I should just chain myself to the stove and be done with it... Or else, you know - NOT.

What else? I've been applying for jobs, although probably not as studiously as I should be... Jobless panic has not yet set in, so I'm still enjoying pottering around and sending off the odd application when I feel like it. I'm sure you'll hear about it once I start panicking, so don't fret. Yet.

Know what I want to try and knit next?

Totoro bonnet!

I was all ready to just knit a tiny hat for myself, but luckily there's a grown up size in the pattern! Awesome!


Northern musings said...

Love the knitting needles. Classic, and a very good looking poncho there. Soon you will be knitting jumpers, socks and shoes, just like amma!!!
Miss you guys heaps - life rocks on as usual - work is busy but good. Vicki is probably pissed off with my lackadaisical ways, but as she says what is meant to happen will happen and I promise to be good and do some more work on this tomorrow!!!
love you

Anonymous said...

I actually thought, I wonder if anyone else noticed it's a palindrome day :) hey, am glad you're getting some use out of the spoons. I said to my mum, I would like to learn to knit and learn a language (other than Latin) and she said, you used to knit when you were little and you mainly just spoke Slav for years... it's like, WHAT?! So apparently I don't need to learn, so much as remember, cheers, gillian ps. excellent poncho!

olga said...

Thanks Sigga, I really want to knit a lopapeysa one day... Miss you guys, too!

Gillian - I should have known I could count on you to love the palindrome!
Slav sounds like it would be hard, but awesome - you'd probably pick it up again pretty quickly!