Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We saw the northern lights!

They didn't show up well on photos - it's weird because they look so clear and glowy and luminous in real life. I guess there's really not much light involved, it only looks bright next to the black of the sky.

We drove to Akureyri today, it was fun and productive - we got some batteries for Amma, printed some photos and found the mysterious 'horse and man cream' that Ross' dad got while he was over here in summer... It felt like a treasure hunt! Unfortunately Vicki's computer wasn't fixable in one afternoon, so she'll have to reboot it when she gets home - can't win them all.

What else? Oh yeah, I promised photos of gross out dinner Þorrablót, didn't I? WELL, I got out my camera at the beginning of the night, ready to take a picture of a cute (and supposedly edible) lamb's face, only to be confronted with the low battery screen of hell. Boo! So, no photos from me. Maybe Vicki has some.

I managed to avoid eating the worst foods by hanging out upstairs with my little cousins - pretty awesome kids.
I can remember when I was younger, I had a total fascination with the loft at Amma's house, and the trapdoor and the dangerous stairs... I guess it's universal, because I spent the evening trying to keep them from overbalancing through the trapdoor onto their horrified parents' heads. Finnur was scary, he kept trying to squirm away from Ross - not realising that Ross was the only thing holding him up. Good times.

Anyway, we've had some lovely family times, nearly time to go home!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm glad you caught the awesome Aurora borialis(?) I'm gonna catch the berries and rettir not July. Oct!! Hope you have big plans for the weekend. Lots of love Mum

Johanna said...

Thank you for watching over the kids Olga - they had a very very good time up there with you... I also remember having a great time up on loft when I was a kid - but the grown-ups did not worrie about us - either we fell down or we didn´t...;°)....
Am I reading it right Unnur - are you coming to Iceland nex fall????

olga said...

Yay! Good call, mum, it's been too long since I've seen you in a berry patch!
No plans yet, just going to see if I can do a trip to Rvk without offending anyone!

That's alright Johanna, it was my pleasure, those are some great kids - and also, it kept me away from the hakarl!