Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lazy, lazy days...

I have been enjoying the lovely holiday feeling of doing nothing! We accompanied Vicki and Freyja on their long walk yesterday, and that has honestly been the most energy I've used for a while.

Holidays are nearly over, though. We've booked our flight back to London for the 25th of January, and after that we'll both have to go straight into job-hunting mode! I think I'll probably just apply at the coffee shops in the area - I don't really mind working a dull job, I just want a) something I'm confident at, and b) something that doesn't require a commute!

What else? Ooh, tomorrow Amma is hosting a Þorrablót for the extended family. That's where you eat all the 'traditional' (read 'mostly revolting') Icelandic foods - rotten shark, blood pudding, pickled sheep testicles and of course boiled sheep heads! There's also some nice stuff, like hangikjöt, dried fish and rye bread, so it's not all bad! I will be sure to take lots and lots of photos!


KH said...

Oh no, you will be back in London for Australia Day! Australia Day in London made me pretty much totally hate Australians last time.

Unnur said...

Enjoy the thorrablot! It was 46 degrees in Roley today, yuk. I hope you guys get a good job quickly. Lots of love. Mum

olga said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about Australia Day! I vaguely remember it last year as being a good day to avoid Shepherd's Bush... Actually, any day is a good day for that.

46 degrees, yikes! I can't even remember how that kind of heat feels... I'll tell everyone you said hi!

Anonymous said...

Your mum's right, heat is yuk here! Would eat blood pudding in exchange for cold weather :) For some reason, Australia Day overseas makes me think of Flight of the Concords, when Jemaine hooks up with an Australian,lol! Hope your holiday's lovely, cheers,gillian

olga said...

Keitha! That is a great episode!

Honestly, if I had to choose I might say 47 degree heat - but while we're talking about it, blood pudding IN 47 degree heat is my definition of hell!