Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Home is where the heart is..."

"... so your real home's in your chest." - Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, 2008

Ah yes, back to the busy grey of the city... It is pretty nice to be back, we got to see all our lovely housemates again! But I miss Iceland already!


We had a pretty chilled out day today - Ross applied for some jobs, and I did some washing and went to the library... I've decided I want to learn how to knit properly and make awesome things - look forward to a year of lumpy handmade presents, guys!

While talking to Sigga in Reykjavik, I mentioned that I wished I knew how to knit. She pointed out that it's not anything you're born with, you just have to knuckle down and learn! Good advice.

Anyway, I got these two books from the library:


Big Knitting AND Party Crochet? This is a world of excitement that I never dreamed of!

So anyway, while we were in Iceland, we heard about (and were impressed by) my grandpa's legendary needlepoint skills. Then when we visited Helgi and Sigga, they served jam that Helgi had made himself! Ross has decided that real Icelandic men know their handicrafts... You can see where it's going, right?

I'm trying to teach Ross to knit.
It's like the blind leading the blind here, I offered to show him how to cast on, then had to redo it about twenty times before I got it right. I think my hands know how to do it, it's just a matter of keeping my brain out of the way...

 His mouth is open because he's swearing at it.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy some fat needles and thick wool - a la Big Knitting - and I should have a poncho in about five hours' time*!
*I'm not making any promises. It's possible I'll just wander off and forget to finish... On the other hand, if I'm going to be procrastinating about job hunting, then I may as well be doing something useful!


Maja said...

Knitting is pretty addictive and awesome. I haven't done it for years! You should check out this blog: http://thececrux.blogspot.com/

Kimberly is totally into her knitting and she's got a bunch of knitting links as well. Good luck!

That is such a beautiful pic of Snodra and Amma.

northern musings said...

You are brilliant, we were actually talking about your and Majas knitting escapades in Iceland when you were here. Mum is almost finished my lopa jacket... will send photos when its done - it is soo nice. Perhaps Ross would be better of crocheting????

olga said...

Thanks for the link, Maja! That site looks awesome!

Hmm, yeah, I'm going to get a crotchet hook if I find one today... My plan? I'm going to hit the op shops!

Maja said...

hahaha knitting escapades!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, sorry, sorry! Another thing to add to my guilty parent list. I should have taught you to knit. Mind you it was a teacher who taught me, not mum. Olga amma helped with my first garment, a grey cardigan(with cables) for your dad! I'm back at school getting ready for the rugrats who arrive on Monday. Lots of love and hugs to you both. Mum