Friday, January 1, 2010

Hap-happy new year!

Here's wishing everyone a lovely 2010!

We had a great night here in Sauðárkrókur - I felt like I took lots of photos, but I had to delete most of them due to blurriness. Vicki has some great shots, but she may not have put them up yet. And if she decides not to use them, I'm definitely stealing them and putting them here instead!

Anyway, we had a lovely dinner at Sigga's - I say dinner, but it was bordering on feast proportions! We had lamb and ham and smoked salmon and salad and potatoes and all kinds of beans (both green AND yellow) and Sigga made her awesome berry and kokosbollu dessert! It was epic.

After dinner we played board games for a while, then had to pause while we watched the Áramótaskaup - it's a TV show that they do every year, a summary of the events of the year in skit form. I'm pretty sure parties all over the land grind to a halt while it's on. I didn't get all the jokes, but it was pretty funny anyway.

We went up to the graveyard to watch the fireworks, which were over the top as usual. They must have lasted for twenty minutes if not more! We came back down the hill to let off our own fireworks, although we just had two big ones and some flares and sparklers... It was a good amount of fire for us, I think.

Argh, this post is slow going because I keep being distracted by all the nice things on TV. We've seen Tom and Jerry, Charlie Chaplin and now it's the Wizard of Oz!
I might have to take a break and eat some ham and watch a movie, but I think I covered all the main points - fireworks are nice and New Year's Eve is fun when you spend it with lovely people.

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Maja said...

Mmmm ham. My favourite meat.

I've been reading some of my old diaries from Iceland, and it's disappointing how much I have forgotten, and how much wasn't documented in my diaries. I felt like I was writing heaps, but in reality, it's just a small window. I'm glad I wrote as much as i did!

New Years Eve in Iceland is way better than Australia. Partly due to fireworks, but also due to the family atmosphere, I think.