Sunday, December 6, 2009

You haven't truly lived...

...until you've been Andy's hype man* while he sings EVERY SINGLE WORD to Kriss Kross' Jump.

* You know, the guy in the background going "Yeah, Aw, Alright" and joining in at the end of every line:
How high? Real high
Cause I'm just so fly
A young lovable, huggable type of guy
And everything is the back with a little slack
And inside-out is wiggida wiggida wack!

Observe Joe's look of disbelief; it was INCREDIBLE.

This last one is my favourite. There's so much going on - and it's a great representation of what it's like living in my house. It's like this all the time!


Northern musings said...

Looks like soooo much fun!!! Love you guys!

s said...

ahah excellent!

KH said...

Woah I miss your house! That looks even funner than the other karaoke, which was one of the funnest nights ever. Ace.

Maja said...

Wiggida wicked!