Friday, December 11, 2009

You can tell a lot about a person...

... by the way they treat people who can't fight back - for example: children, animals and waitstaff.

Yay for Dad wisdom.

My staff party is tonight, Ross and I are going to go for a little while, if only to take advantage of free food and drinks. Also there are quite a few lovely people at my work, in amongst the jerks.

So this week was pretty busy, we recorded some demos for the new album on Monday and Tuesday. It's basically just a rough recording of the new songs, so we can show them to labels. Hopefully they'll go crazy for them and pay for us to go record it properly in Iceland next year.

Joe was really sick over the weekend - he couldn't even get out of bed on Monday to come in to the studio. We had to do drums and bass first, anyway, so we got quite a lot done without him, but we were a bit lost when it came to song structures - these new songs are still at the stage where I watch Joe to see when he's going to change chords, and every once in a while he shouts 'chorus!' Just like the good old days...  

The studio was pretty cool, it was run by this stereotypical old British rock'n'roll guy. He said 'innit' a lot and talked about the glory days of recording Robert Plant on tape vs. the idiocy of all these newfangled bands recording digitally. Nice guy, though. His studio is full of various crazy instruments that he has acquired over the years:

This is a really old old organ that I think he said was given to him by a friend... There was another one that he somehow got free from the Tate (?) but it wasn't as pretty.

 Complete with ye olde gothic font on the levers.

You might have to look at it up close... I like that this amp has two options for inputs - you could go for 'normal' (the two inputs on the far left) or 'brilliant' (the two in the middle).  Hmm, which one shall I choose? I'll take the 'musical genius' option, please! Brilliant!

Here's Andy and Joe and our producer, Aaron. He's a pretty awesome guy, and he's also lots of fun to work with. If the label throws enough money at us, we'll take him with us to Iceland!


Maja said...

I totally agree wth that quote. You meet so many people who are only nice to you because they need something from you..

How awesome that you're recording! I hope Joe gets better soon. X

northern musings said...

Hope to get the down and dirty re the christmas party.... am sure that there are some stories to tell. I too hope that they throw lots of money at you so you can come record here. love you