Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Three red car day!

Hey so today was pretty good! Vicki took Freyja out this morning and regretted it just a little - it looked like a clear and beautiful day, but they came back almost frozen!  I think Vicki felt like a bit of a wuss, because it looked so nice out - we later discovered that the temperature was minus seventeen and so we decided that being cold was a pretty natural reaction to that kind of weather.

Um, I found a really big icicle on Sigga's house... Can you tell that I have been doing very little and therefore need to tell you about the little bits of madness that make up my days?

These are some teeny tiny ice crystals on Sigga's house. Do you know how cold your fingers get while trying to take a close up photo? Quite.

Also, I got a present from Ross because of how it is my birthday today!


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Maja said...

Happy birthday gorgeous girl! I was going to write a post about you but ran out of time yesterday, and today I am severely hungover.

Therefore I have decided that January is going to be an alcohol free month. I look forward to not being hungover!