Thursday, December 17, 2009

14 Across. The girl in the pool game.

Q: Why was I excited about this cryptic crossword clue on the way home?

A: Because I'm the answer! Pool game.
 Man, I am easily amused.

Today work was okay, the new girls are pretty weird though. The one I worked with today is just nuts. I can't even figure out exactly why I (and a few other people) think that... She's really changeable, like sometimes she's all enthusiastic, but then all of a sudden she's rude and rolling her eyes. Then she wants to learn everything and be helpful, but then she's shouting at studio assistants.
What the...?
I disapprove of people who are rude and judgemental in their first couple of weeks. At least wait until you know who's who (also known as the 'don't tell the boss' wife she can't use restaurant cutlery' rule). Better yet - be nice to everyone!

Anyway, none of this is relevant because tomorrow is my last day! I'm working Saturday, too, but that barely counts as working (except in the 'I get paid to be there' sense. Then it counts.) They usually get the awesome studio assistants in on the weekends, and my buddy Gus will be in the kitchen, so it should be a cruisy fun shift with nice people! 


Northern musings said...

Again I am smiling - you make the best posts on the blog, always up and happy even if you are talking about stuff that is really irking you! Love you so much, and am so looking forward to having your positive presence here. Enjoy your last and even laster day at work, hey - you can be a diva and pretend to be kate or whoever, and put your legs up take a couple of bottle of bolly and make a party of it. (nah, I know you won't).

Anonymous said...

Rude people suck!

Also, you are much smarter than me. I had to stare at that clue for a while.

- Anna

Maja said...

I am terrible at cryptic crosswords.

Yes, rude people suck!

Woohoo!!! Last day of work, bring on holidays. I've started my 19 day holiday, it is awesome.