Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Three red car day!

Hey so today was pretty good! Vicki took Freyja out this morning and regretted it just a little - it looked like a clear and beautiful day, but they came back almost frozen!  I think Vicki felt like a bit of a wuss, because it looked so nice out - we later discovered that the temperature was minus seventeen and so we decided that being cold was a pretty natural reaction to that kind of weather.

Um, I found a really big icicle on Sigga's house... Can you tell that I have been doing very little and therefore need to tell you about the little bits of madness that make up my days?

These are some teeny tiny ice crystals on Sigga's house. Do you know how cold your fingers get while trying to take a close up photo? Quite.

Also, I got a present from Ross because of how it is my birthday today!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photog blog

Just some lovely photos (mostly taken by Ross) of the prettiness that is Christmas in Sauðárkrókur.

Icicle bicycle

Moon and mountains


Vicki and the fjord

And last but not least...

  Aw. Love this place!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here and there a patch of snow...

Yay! We're in Iceland again! And oh my gosh it is cold!

And the last few days have been all about snow! Monday we played a show at Koko with The Temper Trap, but as you may have heard, the weather got crazy in London that night! It took us an hour and a half to get from Walthamstow to Camden (you could probably walk quicker, as long as you weren't trying to lug a keyboard and bass amp). It was quite scary on the roads, no one had proper tyres or dare I say it, driving skills? We saw quite a few red buses parked on the sides of the road, and a huge bendy bus parked across two out of three lanes of traffic.  Annoying!

Ross and I were a bit unexcited about the show, as we had to fly out early the next morning, but once we got there, it was awesome! The venue was beautiful, the sound was great and The Temper Trap guys are really really nice - they're doing amazingly well for themselves at the moment, and they really deserve it. Instead of heading home early as planned, we stuck around and watched them play, and it was great fun. A night well spent.

So yesterday morning we woke up after very little sleep (in Vicki's case - none!) and had to get to Gatwick. We left early just in case there were any public transport issues, but luckily it was all good. Our flight was delayed by about an hour, but heaps of flights were cancelled, so we pretty much won! It took us all day and some buses and some friendly relatives and a ride in a tiny tiny plane, and then we were finally in Sauðárkrókur!

It is lovely as always to be back - there's some gorgeous fluffy snow on the ground and Christmas lights everywhere!  We went up to the graveyard today, we're visiting some family tonight to try some stinky fish, and Amma and Sigga have been making us feel right at home...

Life is good.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

14 Across. The girl in the pool game.

Q: Why was I excited about this cryptic crossword clue on the way home?

A: Because I'm the answer! Pool game.
 Man, I am easily amused.

Today work was okay, the new girls are pretty weird though. The one I worked with today is just nuts. I can't even figure out exactly why I (and a few other people) think that... She's really changeable, like sometimes she's all enthusiastic, but then all of a sudden she's rude and rolling her eyes. Then she wants to learn everything and be helpful, but then she's shouting at studio assistants.
What the...?
I disapprove of people who are rude and judgemental in their first couple of weeks. At least wait until you know who's who (also known as the 'don't tell the boss' wife she can't use restaurant cutlery' rule). Better yet - be nice to everyone!

Anyway, none of this is relevant because tomorrow is my last day! I'm working Saturday, too, but that barely counts as working (except in the 'I get paid to be there' sense. Then it counts.) They usually get the awesome studio assistants in on the weekends, and my buddy Gus will be in the kitchen, so it should be a cruisy fun shift with nice people! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Delay and a snow day!

Ooops, delayed post = lack of relevance and therefore detail.
Nevermind. Here's what I thought of that staff party that I went to last week:

Wow, when these fashion industry people say that they're going all out, they really really go all out.

It was circus themed, so we were greeted at the door by a dude on stilts, playing puppeteer to a midget in face paint. (side note: In the days leading up to this party, I had a conversation with the event organiser, Adam, about the difficulty of hiring midgets in London in December. Apparently it's a busy time of year to be a little person in the entertainment business - who would have thought?)

There was a whole sideshow alley with dart games, shooting games and a coconut shy, plus a whole bunch of crazy performances - a burlesque dancer who emerged from an egg and wore feathers, some dudes dancing to Michael Jackson, and a skin-stretchy guy, who I missed but was apparently really creepy and interesting to watch. (note that no one actually said fun to watch - the operative words are creepy and interesting.)

So a good time was had by all, to varying degrees. I actually had fun, I talked to some nice people and showed off my Ross to everyone. We left around one in the morning, which I think was the right time. Tamas the awesome bar manager had to come in at eight the next morning to clean up, and apparently there were still people  hanging around!

So anyway, that was that. This week is my last week at Spring! I'm officially finishing on Friday, although if there are any studios on the weekend I might do an extra shift or two. I have a feeling I'll be needing all the money I can get next year. Luckily Ross is working again, and has some work booked for mid-January, so we'll be fine, as always!

Today it snowed! I only got to see a little bit of it, but Ross got to work outside all day -  what a super lucky guy...

Friday, December 11, 2009

You can tell a lot about a person...

... by the way they treat people who can't fight back - for example: children, animals and waitstaff.

Yay for Dad wisdom.

My staff party is tonight, Ross and I are going to go for a little while, if only to take advantage of free food and drinks. Also there are quite a few lovely people at my work, in amongst the jerks.

So this week was pretty busy, we recorded some demos for the new album on Monday and Tuesday. It's basically just a rough recording of the new songs, so we can show them to labels. Hopefully they'll go crazy for them and pay for us to go record it properly in Iceland next year.

Joe was really sick over the weekend - he couldn't even get out of bed on Monday to come in to the studio. We had to do drums and bass first, anyway, so we got quite a lot done without him, but we were a bit lost when it came to song structures - these new songs are still at the stage where I watch Joe to see when he's going to change chords, and every once in a while he shouts 'chorus!' Just like the good old days...  

The studio was pretty cool, it was run by this stereotypical old British rock'n'roll guy. He said 'innit' a lot and talked about the glory days of recording Robert Plant on tape vs. the idiocy of all these newfangled bands recording digitally. Nice guy, though. His studio is full of various crazy instruments that he has acquired over the years:

This is a really old old organ that I think he said was given to him by a friend... There was another one that he somehow got free from the Tate (?) but it wasn't as pretty.

 Complete with ye olde gothic font on the levers.

You might have to look at it up close... I like that this amp has two options for inputs - you could go for 'normal' (the two inputs on the far left) or 'brilliant' (the two in the middle).  Hmm, which one shall I choose? I'll take the 'musical genius' option, please! Brilliant!

Here's Andy and Joe and our producer, Aaron. He's a pretty awesome guy, and he's also lots of fun to work with. If the label throws enough money at us, we'll take him with us to Iceland!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

You haven't truly lived...

...until you've been Andy's hype man* while he sings EVERY SINGLE WORD to Kriss Kross' Jump.

* You know, the guy in the background going "Yeah, Aw, Alright" and joining in at the end of every line:
How high? Real high
Cause I'm just so fly
A young lovable, huggable type of guy
And everything is the back with a little slack
And inside-out is wiggida wiggida wack!

Observe Joe's look of disbelief; it was INCREDIBLE.

This last one is my favourite. There's so much going on - and it's a great representation of what it's like living in my house. It's like this all the time!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Skating and scary birds...

I had a great day off yesterday - Ross and I went ice skating at the Natural History Museum! They have an outdoor rink there during winter, and I think it might be really busy during 'peak' times (after 5pm and on weekends), but on a Tuesday afternoon? It was almost empty...

...which was really really lucky, as neither of us were much good at staying upright... They had a little kids' section off the main rink, it was a great place for practising jumping, spinning, not falling over, and other such tricks. Ross had some great spin action, but wasn't so good at stopping the spin.

The weather was really nice, too - pretty cold, but not windy or rainy. I love that beautiful kind of crisp sunny day. I'll be happy if the rest of winter stays like this...

After the skating we went into the museum itself for a little while... So many stuffed animals! Here are some scary looking birds:

I'd definitely like to go back there sometime and look around properly. And take way more taxidermy photos.
And finally, I have been shopping on eBay. You can get the most wonderful things on the internet. Case in point:

It's a tote bag - I just realised you can't tell that from the picture... Anyway, I may have to start a flickr album made up of pictures of me with alternate heads. It'll be rad.