Monday, November 2, 2009

Well, it's still the second over here...

Argh, it's another timely post fail! My last in the series of ladies who are awesome and have birthdays should have been written yesterday - so that it made sense in Australia, too.

Sorry Vicki - but happy birthday for yesterday!

So Vicki is my mother-in-law (hee hee, that still sounds weird!), and she is kind of amazing.

No wait, scratch the 'kind of'. She is a completely amazing lady that I have really come to look up to. She is incredibly independent and pretty strong willed (in an awesome, and for me, enviable way).
She is creative and hard working, and has made some positively brave decisions in her life.

And on top of this, she has managed to raise four awesome humans.

I guess I can be stupidly shy sometimes, so I still feel like I need to get to know her better - lucky we all have the rest of our lives to be family. Most of what I do know about Vicki comes from listening to Ross talk about her - and when he does, it definitely says a lot about both of them.

His voice is filled with so much respect and love for his mum, pride at what she has achieved and gratitude for everything she does for him. And unlike some people (me, for example) he's not afraid to say these things out loud.

So here's the summary: there's this man that I love, and Vicki made him who he is. I love her lots, too.

P.S. Most of the lovely photos I've been using have come from Vicki's sister Kerry and her fantastical camera skills... Nice, hey?


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Vicki and many happy returns on the day. I feel really blessed that Olga got you for a mother-in law and I agree with her that your kids are beautiful human beings because of your input. Thank you for a great son in law!!!! Hope you had a good day yesterday. Great blog Olga!!!!

northern musings said...

Happy Birthday Vicki... needless to say tears are streaming down my face as I write this - hope no one walks into the office. I ditto Olga and Unnur - your have four wonderful children whom you should and are very proud of! Good one you! Also, can not wait to get to know you better during your stay here with us in Iceland this coming Christmas - should be a hoot.

northern musings said...

Oh and great blog Olga - you are a star!

Vicki said...

Well tears are streaming down my face also...what a lovely birthday present!

I feel so special and blessed that I have gained such an awesome and gorgeous daughter(in law).

I know that over the years to come we will get to know more about each other...we do not need to rush but just take our time to enjoy the gentle unfolding of our presents (presence) to each other.

Love you and see you both soon. I am getting very excited!!!

Maja said...

Aw! :)