Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey, so I have been looking through all the photos on the computer quite a bit lately; I found some awesome weird band related ones. Wanna see?

Maybe you've seen this one before - we used it heaps for promo for the last album. I really like it, but I guess it looks a little bit morbid. I don't think Mum is a fan...

However, to make that first photo, we had to get a bunch of these ones first:

We got all messy, then flailed around in front of a white wall for half an hour. Good times.

And the mess? The mess was a mixture of tomato sauce and vegemite. It smelled pretty awful, and was sticky but hilarious.

Luckily we managed to get organised beforehand the next time round!

Brainstorming for band shots for a street press cover: "Hmm, it'd be awesome if the photos linked in with the album art somehow... Let's see... Maybe a kind of tribal vibe... "
"Some black paint... AND GOLD LEAF!"

Again, partial nudity? Heck yeah.
I remember it was COLD that night, though, so it was a little uncomfortable spending a few hours outside posing in the overgrown ivy at Steve's house. The plus side of discomfort: had the best shower ever when I got home!

(The sad part of the story is the epilogue, where our label tells us the photos are a neat idea, but completely and utterly unusable for anything. Ever.)

We're going to need some new shots soon, although I don't know if anything could beat this one taken after the show the other night:

That reminds me, I started writing so I could tell you about the halloween show! (I was going to include that awesome pretentious looking apostrophe - hallowe'en. I think it's pretty standard over here, but see above re: pretentious looking.)

So once we got to Hackney, we realised that the warehouses were pretty lacking in street numbers.  Luckily we found an awesome party almost straight away - there was a stage, and some amazing over-the-top decorations. We talked to some nice dudes in cool costumes, loaded in all our gear and got excited.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the party we were supposed to play at. Oops. We found out when we asked about the drum kit we were supposed to borrow, which they obviously didn't have. One of the nice dudes said we could come back after we played our other show - we didn't end up taking him up on the offer, but it was a friendly gesture.

Our show was at a warehouse that seemed to be a sharehouse - as we were loading in there was a girl in a dressing gown headed to the bathroom, and later they had a big group dinner as we tried to soundcheck. Slightly awkward.
It was a fun show, though. There were quite a few people there, but none of them were industry folks, so we were free to just play a crazy loud set. Quite a few of our friends came down, and we all had a great time!

For future reference: pumpkin carving + warehouse party + awesome friends = rad halloween!

And finally, just a nice photo that I don't think I've shared yet. I love these guys.


Northern musings said...

awwww.. such nice photos - such a nice group of people!! Glad the show went well, once you found it! So many exclamation marks, my goodness me. The photo after the show really is a classic.

Unnur said...

Great photos. Yep never liked the one where you all look dead. Love the wedding day one. Love yous, keep blogging!

northern musings said...

Well done to my sister - she is no longer anonymous!!!

Vicki said...

Hey Olga I like the that one where you all look dead but I don't like the naked one on your myspace page!

I have some very early snowman promo shots on my computer...from the zombie vampire days!

Maja said...

Lovely! :)