Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catch up styles!

Okay, so...

1) I quit my job!


2) We went on a mini tour to Manchester and Sheffield.

1) I QUIT!
I talked to my awesome bar manager Tamas on Wednesday afternoon, and told him I wouldn't be coming back after Christmas. He said that was fine, and he could understand where I was coming from, but I would be sorely missed.

I then talked to Adam, head-of-lighting-and-also-the-bar-for-some-reason, who I've had run-ins with before. I wasn't going to talk to him about it, but Tamas told him so he came to 'chat' with me. Basically he thought it was really drastic to go from working all the time to not working at all - he offered me less shifts next year, if I want them. Then he asked me to explain why I wanted to leave, and seemed really unsatisfied with my answer of 'because I'm tired all the time and everyone is rude to me'. He said if I decided I wanted to be honest with him, I should let him know at a later date.

What the...? If he doesn't understand that being treated like dirt on a daily basis makes for an unpleasant work environment, then it's no wonder he can't keep good staff.

Anyway, enough of that unpleasantness - I'm free as of the 21st of December!

2) I TOUR!
After a mix up with hire cars, we ended up crammed into a station wagon instead of the van that we'd originally booked. Oh well, at least the radio worked.

We picked Andy up in Cambridge, then got to Manchester, found the venue and loaded in. It was an absolutely beautiful room in a place called The Deaf Institute, with lots of really interesting wallpaper and nice skylights.

The headlining band were a bit late, so we ate some food while we waited for them to come and soundcheck. They turned out to be really nice dudes, just a two piece with drums and looped guitars and vocals. And their band name was Friendship, which is a pretty cool name.

We played a good set, although there weren't that many people there. The people at the venue were really nice, they paid us ahead of time and even organised accommodation for us!

So there's this lady, Bernie, who has been putting up touring bands in her house for about six years now. She's got a huge basement filled with various mattresses and sofa beds, and she charges ten pounds a night per person. It was really really nice, and Bernie herself was lovely. We arrived at her house at about midnight and she was up waiting for us. She offered us drinks and let us play some awesome records from her enormous collection. All this and she had a friendly pet cat, too.

In the morning she had to go to work, but she laid out a whole breakfasty feast for us and Friendship, who also ended up staying there.

It was such a great experience. We were all pretty blown away by her hospitality, it's just not what you expect from... well, people. I'm not expressing myself very well, but I was really inspired by her generosity, she has kind of changed the way I think.

So after that lovely breakfast we went to pick up the gear from the venue, then drove to Sheffield. We got stuck in some pretty bad traffic on the way, but made it eventually.

The venue in Sheffield was about as different as could be from the beautiful Deaf Institute. It was basically a rehearsal room in a warehouse, really scummy and dirty. And oh my gosh it was freezingly cold.

On the plus side, we had some awesome curry for dinner, and played a good show. It was messy and kind of a shambles, but sometimes that really works for us. There was a really underground vibe about the whole night, lots of uni students and arty types drinking from three litre plastic bottles of Tesco own brand cider. Nice.

We drove straight back to Walthamstow after the gig, as Joe had lessons to teach all day Saturday. It's always nice to sleep in your own bed. Even nicer to wake up, eat breakfast and then go back to bed and watch movies all day. Yay for winter!


Northern musings said...

The lighting guy boss man sounds a total jerk, obviously you were meant to have more serious problems like Jolene is a cow ...
He seems a little shallow, but - it would also be good to know that should you fall on hard times they will give you a shift every now and then. Mind you I know you and I know that you will land well and truly on your feet and have a job within seconds of applying - if not - move here to me and ma... we so want to have you here!!!

Northern musings said...
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Anna said...

He said if I decided I wanted to be honest with him, I should let him know at a later date.

What a jerk off! I hate dudes like that "Your idea of what is happening is different from my idea, so you must be lying!"

But yay! I'm glad you quit!

Also, gigs sound awesome! Miss you lots. I don't think your presents will get to you before your birthday, but I'll try.

Maja said...

I've already commented about the quittage but I must say how liberating to quit. Lifes too short to be unhappy. We are surrounded by options these days and you're going to find a better job when you need it.

It's great to meet such wonderful people like the lady who put you guys up, makes you feel warm and fuzzy about life.

You know, it just occurred to me how much I miss you. Xoxoxox

Vicki said...

Good girl, glad you did it. We will have a good holiday and all will be well.

Anonymous said...

My friend quit the other day, too- it took him three tries!! He said it was worse than trying to break-up with someone, and in the end he literally said, "look, it's not you, it's me" to his boss! Am so impressed, yay, Olga's free :) cheers, gillian

olga said...

Yeah, I think lighting man and I just see the world differently...

The lady in Manchester may have changed my life, or at least my point of view. I have problems being generous sometimes, but it was awesome seeing how happy it made her (and us, of course)!