Monday, November 9, 2009

Are you bored?

Hey so there is a Sigur Ros documentary thing that you can watch for free on Pitchfork - for this week only! Although I'm not sure when the week officially started, so check it out quickly if you want to...

Among other things, it features a conversation with an Icelandic man who makes marimbas from stuff he finds in nature. You know, like rocks and bits of 100-year-old rhubarb. Ross got incredibly excited about it - guess what we're doing over Christmas?

What else is there? Work is crappity crap at the moment, I'm back into the same mindset I was pre-Christmas last year - a neverending mantra of "Stick it out til the holidays, then you can quit if you want." Although on really bad days it becomes "Heck, I've never quit in a huff before, maybe that would be an interesting experience!"

In other (better) news, our housemate Daisy is having her birthday party this Friday at our favouritest karaoke place (okay, the onliest one we've been to) - Lucky Voice! I think it's going to be great, I have even booked the whole day off so I can sleep in and spend the day getting ready.

Also, Ross says hi! We're going to watch the Dark Crystal and eat some olives and pickles and maybe cry during the sad parts. Ross will probably not cry, but we just decided that it would be okay if he did. He does a scary Skeksis impression that you should see sometime.


Northern musings said...

Oh Olga you always manage to make me smile - and even laugh out loud. Love it - can´t wait to see Ross on a scavenge hunt at Christmas..

Maja said...

I find that I always go through crap and good times at work, you have to ask yourself if changing the place you work at will stop them or not. Sometimes once you get through those times things come good again.

I know that the closer it gets to Christmas the less I want to be at work. Jason is even worse!

Vicki said...

Thanks Olga, I really enjoyed that Sigur Ros doco!
love to you both.

dan said...

whoa yeah i saw them play in 2002 with some icelandic fisherman's choir and a marimba made of uncut stones dude spent months looking for on a beach! mental

Maja said...

Yay! I can comment on blogger from work internet now! Amazing!