Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yesterday was dramatic - today is OK

Don't worry, there's nothing wrong,  that's just the title of a Múm album that I like. The sentiment is good - all your melodramas look better from a distance.

Work has been really crazy this last week - every time I get home and say "man, that was one of the worst days I've ever worked", the next day is worse and I regret exaggerating so much. Yesterday I came home and cried, as you do. Had to work today as well, which was a bit crap in theory, but there were lots of awesome people working, so it was actually pretty fun. Also, the joy of not having to deal with the office jerks cannot be overstated.

Adding to today's awesome level - Ross bought me a present! A Nintendo DS and some games, just because! Although maybe tears have something to do with it - what is the point of earning money in a miserable job if you don't get to spend it on silly stuff sometimes?
Good point, Ross.


In other news, Ross cut my hair again! I have been trying to take a photo of it for you for the last ten minutes or so, and now I've gotten to the point where my head just looks weird to me... Like when you say a word too many times, so it doesn't even sound like a word anymore. Bowl. Bowl, bowl..... bow-l.

Anyway, this is the important part*:

* the important part of my hair, that is. I'm not trying to say that my hair is more important than anything else going on... Honest. Although, come on, it is pretty rad.


So they've started selling fireworks in preparation for Guy Fawkes day (gosh I never did find out when exactly that is...) I think today might have been the first day they went on sale, there have been quite a few explosive noises outside this evening.

And that's about it. We're playing a show in Sheffield next weekend, which is kind of cool and random, although I'd almost prefer a day off at home. Oh well, it's always fun playing music for new people. Maybe we'll even play some new music... Exciting.


Anna said...

Boo to having a crappy day! Hooray for DS! Hooray for hair cuts!

As for word,s I feel the same way about the cabbages.

Northern musings said...

Love the fringe, fringes are good. Ross is such a sweety!
pfft to work crap, good that it gets better after the bad. love to you all

Maja said...

Yes love the fringe too! Very cute! Is that your natural hair colour? It's really nice :)

I hate days that make you cry. I had one a little while ago but then it turned out to be amistake on my part. It's funny how bad days like that almost always involve dealing with other people.

Yay Nintendo DS!

Anonymous said...

Am sorry you got a dose of work-infused tears...but glad Ross is spoiling you :) cheers,gillian

olga said...

Aw, thanks lovelies. As always, my whinging pays off by inviting lots of nice comments from you guys! I'll try not to make a habit of it!


P.S. Maja: Yes and no. I haven't dyed my hair in ages, but I think the auto-fix button in Picasa made the colour a little bit warmer!