Sunday, October 25, 2009

So what is up?

Apart from the fact that my pictures seem to look all pixely once I try to upload them onto blogger... Not much.

Had a pretty awesome weekend. We played in Sheffield on Friday night, it turned out to be yet another mission to get to the show, but it was all awesome in the end. We were supposed to be supporting a band on their CD launch, but their drummer got swine flu (!) so we ended up headlining. The venue was pretty dingy, and the stage was so small that Joe had to play on the ground!
Anyway, we played, people liked it, one guy told me that he had been feeling pretty disillusioned with new music until he saw us play - that's always nice to hear.

We drove home after the show, meaning that we dropped Andy off in Cambridge at about three thirty in the morning (the poor dude had to be at work at six! Newts wait for no man.) then got back to Walthamstow at about half past four. Luckily I had nowhere to be - I had planned to go return the van with Ross, but laziness won, so I slept til the afternoon. Ross said it was easier navigating without me swearing at the GPS anyway.

So Saturday was spent not doing very much, then this morning we got an extra hour from the end of daylight savings. Ross and I went to Brick lane to look at the markets and eat a curry. Awesome as usual, although our waiter was kind of rude and unwelcoming. Still, it was a nice day, and altogether it has been quite a relaxing weekend.

Next week at work looks pretty chilled out, we have some new people doing trials, so I may be able to give them all the annoying little jobs - I may not have to polish any cutlery this week! Small pleasures...

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northern musings said...

mmmm curry at brick lane. I want one or two or three.... and a large beer with it.