Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween'd: The tale of the pumpking!

'Pumpking' has been a common typo for me lately, so I decided to stop fighting it.

Anyway, so clearly Ross and I carved some pumpkins today - food sculpture is awesome! I don't care that today is an over-commericalised American holiday, it's great fun! The world would be a better place if we cut faces into our vegetables more often...

I believe we may have started a trend. As I type, Daisy and Victoria (flatmates from New Zealand/ lovely girls) are making some awesome orange beasts of their own!

So what else has been going on? We went to the movies on my day off this week and saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. It turns out that school holidays are on at the moment, so it was a bit crowded, but all the kids were pretty well behaved. The movie was awesome, it was that really good mix of kids' movie with funny grown up jokes, too. And it looked amazing, full of all these warm colours and textures.

We're playing a show tonight at a warehouse somewhere in Hackney, it sounds like it'll be messy but fun... And that's about it. I'll leave you with our (ahem) masterpieces.


Northern musings said...

They are amazing!!!! I wish I had been there to help. It is sooo quiet in Sauðárkrókur tonight - totally dead. Kaffi Krókur is shut down, there is no one in Olafshús and it is even free entry to Mælifell. Had dinner at Herdís´ lovely yummy lamb. Hope the gig went well can´t wait till you tell us all about it!

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm impressed. We had lollies on standby and a few kids came around, we're now scoffing the leftovers. Summer's here nice and warm. Love you guys lots. Post about the show please. mum