Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boredom and a beanie.

Hey so today I did a pretty pointless shift at work - for some reason the studio insisted on getting a bar person, so I got paid to stand around all day! That's not true, I cleaned up the bar a bit, and I must have made at least eight whole coffees over the seven hours I was there. Busy busy busy.
 In the afternoon, Tamas had to come in to do some ordering, so he helped me close. Easy day! Then Ross made me delicious dinner, and now we're watching the second Ghostbusters movie.

And here's a picture of me in a dopey hat. Aw yeah.
That's pretty much it.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sigga way of Olga's blog. Have a good one. Love. your favourite sister

Northern musings said...

I love the hat. Love you sister!!

Maja said...

I love the beanie!