Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aw, heck yeah!

Halloween'd: The tale of the pumpking!

'Pumpking' has been a common typo for me lately, so I decided to stop fighting it.

Anyway, so clearly Ross and I carved some pumpkins today - food sculpture is awesome! I don't care that today is an over-commericalised American holiday, it's great fun! The world would be a better place if we cut faces into our vegetables more often...

I believe we may have started a trend. As I type, Daisy and Victoria (flatmates from New Zealand/ lovely girls) are making some awesome orange beasts of their own!

So what else has been going on? We went to the movies on my day off this week and saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. It turns out that school holidays are on at the moment, so it was a bit crowded, but all the kids were pretty well behaved. The movie was awesome, it was that really good mix of kids' movie with funny grown up jokes, too. And it looked amazing, full of all these warm colours and textures.

We're playing a show tonight at a warehouse somewhere in Hackney, it sounds like it'll be messy but fun... And that's about it. I'll leave you with our (ahem) masterpieces.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

So what is up?

Apart from the fact that my pictures seem to look all pixely once I try to upload them onto blogger... Not much.

Had a pretty awesome weekend. We played in Sheffield on Friday night, it turned out to be yet another mission to get to the show, but it was all awesome in the end. We were supposed to be supporting a band on their CD launch, but their drummer got swine flu (!) so we ended up headlining. The venue was pretty dingy, and the stage was so small that Joe had to play on the ground!
Anyway, we played, people liked it, one guy told me that he had been feeling pretty disillusioned with new music until he saw us play - that's always nice to hear.

We drove home after the show, meaning that we dropped Andy off in Cambridge at about three thirty in the morning (the poor dude had to be at work at six! Newts wait for no man.) then got back to Walthamstow at about half past four. Luckily I had nowhere to be - I had planned to go return the van with Ross, but laziness won, so I slept til the afternoon. Ross said it was easier navigating without me swearing at the GPS anyway.

So Saturday was spent not doing very much, then this morning we got an extra hour from the end of daylight savings. Ross and I went to Brick lane to look at the markets and eat a curry. Awesome as usual, although our waiter was kind of rude and unwelcoming. Still, it was a nice day, and altogether it has been quite a relaxing weekend.

Next week at work looks pretty chilled out, we have some new people doing trials, so I may be able to give them all the annoying little jobs - I may not have to polish any cutlery this week! Small pleasures...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yesterday was dramatic - today is OK

Don't worry, there's nothing wrong,  that's just the title of a Múm album that I like. The sentiment is good - all your melodramas look better from a distance.

Work has been really crazy this last week - every time I get home and say "man, that was one of the worst days I've ever worked", the next day is worse and I regret exaggerating so much. Yesterday I came home and cried, as you do. Had to work today as well, which was a bit crap in theory, but there were lots of awesome people working, so it was actually pretty fun. Also, the joy of not having to deal with the office jerks cannot be overstated.

Adding to today's awesome level - Ross bought me a present! A Nintendo DS and some games, just because! Although maybe tears have something to do with it - what is the point of earning money in a miserable job if you don't get to spend it on silly stuff sometimes?
Good point, Ross.


In other news, Ross cut my hair again! I have been trying to take a photo of it for you for the last ten minutes or so, and now I've gotten to the point where my head just looks weird to me... Like when you say a word too many times, so it doesn't even sound like a word anymore. Bowl. Bowl, bowl..... bow-l.

Anyway, this is the important part*:

* the important part of my hair, that is. I'm not trying to say that my hair is more important than anything else going on... Honest. Although, come on, it is pretty rad.


So they've started selling fireworks in preparation for Guy Fawkes day (gosh I never did find out when exactly that is...) I think today might have been the first day they went on sale, there have been quite a few explosive noises outside this evening.

And that's about it. We're playing a show in Sheffield next weekend, which is kind of cool and random, although I'd almost prefer a day off at home. Oh well, it's always fun playing music for new people. Maybe we'll even play some new music... Exciting.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Yeah, so it may be getting a little predictable, but I think this series of 'ladies who are the loves of my life' is nearly over... Nearly. Although there are definitely some that I missed along the way, so maybe I'll backtrack later.

But for now!

Sigga is my awesome aunt, my mum's only sister and a fantastic source of advice, love and good times. She has a really dry sense of humor, which scared the crap out of me when I was little, because I just couldn't tell if she was making fun of me or not. So I used to cry a lot in her presence, but luckily I am over that now.

 Nowadays, she has become one of my best friends. I guess the turning point was when I stayed at her house in Germany in 2002. It was the first time we really had one on one time as adults, and she taught me lots about life - how you can't waste it doing only what other people want you to do. 


She was my stand-in mum in the lead up to the wedding, colonel of supportive shoulder for my real mum, chief in charge of worrying and sorting family feuds and president of sorting out houses and entertainment for the influx of folks!
Ross and I have taken advantage of her hospitality quite a few times over the last year - and I'm pretty sure lots of other people have, too! Good thing she is an amazing hostess who seems to enjoy people crashing at her house.

She now owns the lovely little house that my uncle was born in, and she has made it a  beautiful place to spend time, play board games and soak up the family history. I am so glad that she has found her home in Sauðárkrókur, and I'm really glad she lets me and Ross share it from time to time.
Happy birthday lovely!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boredom and a beanie.

Hey so today I did a pretty pointless shift at work - for some reason the studio insisted on getting a bar person, so I got paid to stand around all day! That's not true, I cleaned up the bar a bit, and I must have made at least eight whole coffees over the seven hours I was there. Busy busy busy.
 In the afternoon, Tamas had to come in to do some ordering, so he helped me close. Easy day! Then Ross made me delicious dinner, and now we're watching the second Ghostbusters movie.

And here's a picture of me in a dopey hat. Aw yeah.
That's pretty much it.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Kristinn just emailed me this link. It is great.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello hello again...

Tired of photoless posts, so here is the awesome band that I used to be a part of in Australia. They're doing some pretty cool stuff at the moment, this is from a festival in Perth.

Yay boys!

So, on the other side of the world, we've turned the heater on for the first time this winter... And it's not even winter yet! I think it might be time to track down my gloves and beanie...

Ross got paid for all his hard work last month, so yesterday he bought an awesome sampler. It is a Roland SPD-S, for anyone tech-headed. For everyone else, it's a flat computer thing with 9 rubber pads, and you can program them to make different sounds when you hit them. You can set it up alongside a drum kit and trigger different noises while you're playing - it's pretty rad.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure he's been playing with it all day. When I came home, he was so engrossed that he didn't even realise I was there. He was totally startled when he finally turned around - he actually jumped into the air a little bit. It was hilarious.

So what else? We had a bit of a jam yesterday, since I had a day off and Andy finished work early. He's doing this conservation work at the moment as part of some water engineering project - catching newts and recording information about them, then releasing them into a protected space! Pretty awesome, huh? He's a multi-talented dude.

Okay, I'm going to have to go, Ross said I could have a turn at the sampler!! Whee! I'll write y'all some songs!

Monday, October 5, 2009



That clip is from a BBC documentary based on a Douglas Adams book called Last chance to see. Stephen Fry is in it, he is hilarious and awesome, and why hadn't I heard of him until now? Seems like he's everywhere over here, though - writing books, hosting quiz shows, looking after endangered species...

What else has been going on? We played a show on Saturday night, it was pretty good but the sound was terrible! It was really really loud onstage, and I think the audience suffered a bit, too. I wore earplugs, but the other guys were all deaf on Sunday morning...

Apart from that, the show was uneventful... Okay, not really. Ross convinced me that I should make a confession:
Midway through the set, Andy was flailing about as usual, but on Joe's and my side of the stage instead of his side.
Anyway, he was stomping backwards, and it looked like he was going to stomp all the way onto my saxophone.
So I did what any one of you would have done: I kicked him in the back of the legs. Unfortunately, being Andy, he dropped dramatically to the ground, but on the way down I belted him with the headstock of my bass - I didn't mean to, he ran into it!

He's okay now though. In my defence, it's not nearly as much damage as he's inflicted on himself over the years... Wow, that defence makes me sound even more like a monster. What kind of human kicks little Andy? Me, that's who.

Anyway, violence aside, what else? Heath, our Australian manager, was over this weekend, he came to the show and then we had a catch up dinner last night. It was really awesome to see him, he had heaps of funny rock'n'roll stories, as usual. He's over with his money-making band, Karnivool (we are his 'in it for love' band). They play prog metal, which is not my cup of tea, but they're really nice dudes and really really successful in Australia. I think they're doing pretty well over here too.

I had a day off today, because there were only two studios booked. I think the whole of this week looks to be pretty quiet, which will be nice. Today Ross and I spent the day hanging out and not doing much - we watched a video and I made onion soup. Exactly what I want from a day off...