Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You know what?

I am a bit sick and tired of not being allowed to express any sort of frustration at work. All the patronizing rude jerks spend their days being patronizing and rude to me, and I have to smile sweetly and refrain from pointing out that I'm not an idiot (and that even if I were an idiot, it is completely unnecessary to talk to people like that).

I'm pretty sure I still look like a human person with feelings while I'm at work... Maybe my work uniform makes me look like a robot who doesn't deserve compassion? That could be it. I should buy some new pants.

I'm sure if people were aware that they were being such assholes, they would probably stop - no one WANTS to be a jerk, right? I'm not allowed to point it out to them though. Bummer.

It makes me terribly angry.

Enough of that. Here's a picture of a kitten and a monkey.



northern musings said...

Its good to have a blog to vent in...

Maja said...

They are trying to transfer their insecurities and negative energy onto you. You need a way to cleanse yourself of all that negativity at the end of the day. I was at a seminar on Friday for women in mining and one of the half hour talks was by a life coach and she showed us a way to symbolise removing the bad energy from within us. It was pretty cool.

Don't let the dickheads get you down. xxx

Anna said...


I will get a job with the government, and then I could do something nasty on your behalf and be protected by diplomatic immunity.

Though if you can't wait that long, rant some more!

olga said...

Yeah, good to have a place to rant.

I was going to say that ranting allows Ross to avoid the brunt of it, but actually he got the early incoherent version, complete with tears.

Still, I feel better now. I really do need to learn to not take anything on board, though...