Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Timely post fail!

I meant to write and post this last week, but it's okay, posts don't have expiry dates... Unless they do and I don't know about it. Ignorance is bliss!

We went to the Notting Hill Carnival on Monday, it's a three day celebration of Afro Caribbean culture! It was pretty spectacular, but almost too big for my liking... Not really into crowds, but it was worth it.

There's a big parade that runs around the whole area for what seems like hours - loads of steel drum bands and wildly gyrating people. Also this kid, who didn't look like he wanted to be the peacock.

We ate great food - jerk chicken is my new favourite thing, and I must learn how to make it. I guess it's more about a different set of spices rather than any particular recipe. (Incidentally, I had a conversation with Oz about food and how I'm suddenly more interested in it, and he puts it down to getting old. I am officially a grown up.)
Anyway, I'll let you know how my chicken jerking experiment goes.

There were tonnes of police there all day, which seemed a little weird in the morning when we were walking in, but made perfect sense as we spent an hour struggling through drunken crowds on the way out. Apparently there was a riot last year when it ended, so we left early to avoid the rush.

So that was what I wrote earlier, here's what's been going on since!

I worked the rest of the week - we turned out to be stupidly busy due to some high-profile (and therefore heavily populated) studios. For example, one studio had 30 people present for a full three days. I understand there's usually a stylist, producer, photographer, someone doing hair, someone doing makeup, someone pandering to the talent... Then I guess each of those people probably have an assistant or two. (one photographer recently had three - how much assistance does one guy need?)
Still, that's about ten to fifteen people who have a reason to be there, what the heck does everyone else DO all day? I'm assuming not much. My conclusion: I need to get into the world of high fashion.

Anyway, on Friday we had a big celebrity who was so famous that she didn't even have to sit for the test shots. They paid an extra model to sit in her chair while they set up the shot, then she came out for a whole 15 minutes and posed for the actual photo. Imagine that.

What else? Last night our housemate Cameron had some leaving drinks in Shoreditch, he's moving back to Perth on Wednesday. I worked all day yesterday, so I was a bit knackered, but it was still a really nice night. Cameron is lovely but seems a bit weird sometimes, and he doesn't spend much time at home, so it was kinda cool to see him with all his other friends. I think he had a pretty good night, too.

Um, I think that's it. We had rehearsal today, made some good progress on a couple of songs. I'm really enjoying the songwriting at the moment, we're making music that I really really like playing and listening to. Exciting times!


northern musings said...

Come on out with the name!!! How do we know it really was a celeb... Glad the music is going well!

olga said...

Ah, confidentiality clause be damned, it was Kylie Minogue!

northern musings said...

not kyles... did you say g´day!! joke....