Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September babies, you're killing me!

Not really, but gosh there are lots of people with their birthdays coming up...

Anyway, this is turning into a who's who of important ladies in my life. Today is Maja's birthday, but I have no photos of her! Can you believe it? None! I failed at taking photos in Australia, I'll try to be better when I get back...

Is it poor form to post a photo of someone that you just STOLE from their own Flickr? I'm going to go with no for now... Or maybe yes. Sorry.
You must admit, it's for the right reasons though: I need a photo so I can start saying nice things about my cousin Maja!

Maja is the big sister I never had. We weren't really that close until we both found ourselves living at Amma's house in Sauðárkrokur. There wasn't too much going on, so we had heaps of time to get to know each other properly, and I discovered that my cousin was an awesome and fun-loving lady.

We talked about everything; our friends, our families, boys, makeup and geology. She told me stories of her travels across Europe. We worked at the slaughterhouse together, went to the (one and only) local pub together and knitted giant scarves with Amma in the lounge room. (Maja's was absolutely enormous, it was a crazy mix of stripes of different colours and sizes... Do you still have it?)

I'm pretty bad at staying in touch, and because of Maja's work, it's sometimes ages between catch-ups, but I guess that's the benefit of family. You always get to catch up eventually, no matter how long it's been.

Over the years, Maja has also become one of my best friends - always supportive of whatever I'm doing, always full of good advice and always great fun to hang out with.
Now she's engaged to Jason, who I also love dearly, and together they make an awesome team of awesome-tastic radness. That's the way life should be.


Maja said...

Aw! Thanks cuz, you are so sweet! You are like the little sister I never had too! Going to Iceland to live for a while was one of the best things I ever did for many many reasons and getting to know you is one of the biggest ones. (As well as getting to know Amma, and getting to know Jason.. funny how living in a different country to him made that happen!)

I think the best friendships are the ones that don't need too much maintenance and ours is like that too. It doesn't matter how much or how little we keep in touch, it will always be the same.

Love you! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Maja. I also think you're awesome. Lots of love . Unnur

northern musings said...

Great post Olga, I was wondering which one of us would do one... I am just far too slack though.
How was France????????