Thursday, September 24, 2009

A lion saved is a lion earned...

Titles aren't supposed to mean anything, are they?
So anyway, what with all the birthdays I have been missing out on telling you about other stuff...

Um, so what other stuff has been going on? We went to France again last weekend, and apart from some minor hiccups (traffic, missing a ferry - AGAIN) it was pretty awesome. We played a pretty good show, ate some amazing cheese, met a nice London band who liked us and want to help us out a bit.
We were really early for the ferry on Sunday morning, so of course we got stopped at border control because of all our wildly different passports - one each of Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, British and Slovakian (our manager-type-guy-who-isn't-actually-our-manager, Peter). The guy asked if we all knew each other, which was a bit weird... No, I'm just in a car with a bunch of strangers... Hmm, on second thoughts, maybe that happens all the time?

Anyway, we had to wait in line for a while, then they glanced at our EU passports while Andy showed off his UK work visa. Fun times.

Work is okay, we're pretty busy, but every once in a while there are nice quiet days. I'm working tonight, which will probably be dead. Occasionally people stay late at the bar on a Friday night, but Thursdays are almost pointless shifts. Oh well, I'll go in for five hours, drink some free coffee and get paid for it. Should be nice.
Tamas the bar manager has started giving us one weekday off a week, so that if we work weekends, we don't end up doing six shifts and going crazy as a result. Anyway, last Thursday I had an awesome day off - got to sleep in, then went shopping and bought clothes and a bag and some Lush bath stuff (I love that shop. Love it!). Then I came home and put on a face mask and had a bubble bath. Such a lovely day.

Ross is working for Dmitri again, doing the home renovation thing. He's used his mad new skills at home too - he recently fixed Daisy's squeaky bed and our new housemate Victoria's chest of drawers. They were both very pleased and impressed!

I can't wait til Christmas, it looks like it's shaping up to be a big family affair - mum, Vicki, Sigga, Amma, me, Ross. Hmm, Ross will be quite out numbered by ladies. Sounds cool.


northern musings said...

Great that France was good. Ross is such a great guy, not only nice but can do things. Added value plus plus.

Maja said...

I love a good fix-it man! It's been awesome to watch Jason evolve from someone who had no tools of his own, to someone who goes around to friends houses and fixes their lights for them. Sounds like Ross is doing the same thing!