Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In spite of the high cost of living, it's still popular.

I saw that quote in a shop window today and I kinda liked it.

Had an extra day off today, it was pretty good. I did some awesome fun shopping in Islington, although I failed to find a new outfit for my boss' wedding next weekend - what does one even wear to a woodland ceremony? I'm thinking boots will be necessary. It was nice to get out of the house and not go to work, anyway. Also, we had a family dinner for Cameron last night which went pretty late, so it was lovely to sleep in.
He's flying out tomorrow, so I think he's feeling a bit stressed out. He's been packing all night and has sorted out his boxes of stuff to be shipped back to Australia. He's also got a pile of stuff that's being left behind - Olga the hobo wins again!

Hey, did I tell you about Bobby, the dwarf hamster who might soon live at our house? Not permanently, it'll be more of a holiday while our friends Lindall and Danny are back in Australia... Still, DWARF HAMSTER. I've heard he's pretty unsociable, but I think he'll make up for it in smallness and cuteness. Maybe I'll start a business, like a cattery, but a Hamstery... I'll call it Hamsterdam*.

This week is going to be pretty crazy busy at work - there are lots of studios booked AND there's a gallery opening on Thursday night. I think there'll be about three hundred guests, two bars set up and the restaurant will be open. As usual for Spring, though, there has been little to no organisation / communication, so we're not really sure what the rules will be.
Example? Andree, the lady who runs the gallery, has been talking to Vee, who runs events in the bar, about how late the restaurant and bar are going to be open. The latest email exchange went:

Andree to Vee: The kitchen needs to be open til 11pm.
Vee to Andree: The kitchen will be open til 10pm.
Andree to Vee: As per our last conversation, can I confirm the kitchen will be serving food/taking orders until 10.30pm?
Vee to Andree: Absolutely.

Okay, so for now we'll leave out the part where we lose half an hour. The thing is, serving food and taking orders are completely different things. If we stop serving food at 10.30, we'll stop taking orders at 10. If we stop taking orders at 10.30, we won't close til at least 11 or maybe later.
Ambiguous stuff like this is a) way too common and b) going to cause problems which will probably lead to customers being unhappy and shouty, and the chef being unhappy and shouty. Seriously, sometimes this place makes no sense at all.

Anyway, enough of that. If it gets terrible, I'll quit and cause a big scene on my way out. I've always wanted to do that.

There are some movies coming out soon that I'm really excited about. I cried during the last trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, and Away We Go also looks awesome. It was directed by Sam Mendes, who did American Beauty, and was written by Dave Eggers and his wife Vendela Vida.

Wow, my search for links just informed me that the screenplay for Where the Wild Things Are was also written by Dave Eggers! Man, I love that guy. His books are pretty amazing, there is one particular book of short stories that I adore - I think it's called How We Are Hungry. I had a copy once, but I lent it to someone and it was lost forever... And I can't even remember who I lent it to...
I think the key is to resign yourself to buying multiple copies of books that you love. That way you can give them away - when I have loved a story that much, I sometimes just NEED other people to experience it.

At the moment I'm reading The Selected Works of T.S Spivet, which Ross' mum left behind for us (I'm pretty sure she's a believer in giving things away, too). It is great, it's about a kid who is really into documenting his life in sketchbooks, and there are all these diagrams and maps and explanations in the margins of the book. It feels like really good value (which sounds like a terrible recommendation, but I mean it in an awesome way); you get the touching main story and also all these extra mini stories on the side.

Hey, do you want to hear something funny? When I was little, I used to feel that brackets would distract me from the main point of the story, so I used to skip them. I didn't read the insides of brackets til I was at least twelve. Thirteen, maybe, that seems like a good age for brackets.

*As an aside, if you haven't already watched The Wire, you should. Really.**
**Although my Hamsterdam won't be like theirs, I promise. No junkie hamsters for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Poss, Great blog. It'll be great to have a hamster in the house. A wedding to go to Wow! Will call you soon. Lots of love to you and Ross. Mum

Vicki said...

Wow that was a long blog!
Is Ross going to the wedding with you?

Glad to hear you are enjoying Mr Spivet....feel free to pass on to others.
XX Vicki.

olga said...

Yeah, Ross is going to come. He wasn't going to, but I asked him especially - do not want to be trapped all alone with my workmates!
Hopefully it'll be a fun night!

dan said...

haha " I didn't read the insides of brackets til I was at least twelve."

gold, olga. goldga.

northern musings said...

brilliant post Olga - and I love the thing with the brackets!!! I think that sometimes I am the same - read the sentence without reading the bracketed portion then go back and read it again