Friday, September 18, 2009

And now it's Mum's turn!

Today/tomorrow is my mum's birthday, depending on where you are in the world. I believe she's staying in a hotel for the weekend, so she probably won't see it til later, but I'll post it now anyway! Yay!

My mum is a pretty awesome lady. As mentioned in my grandma's post, she came to Australia from Sauðárkrókur when she was only fourteen or fifteen. She also had to leave behind everything and everyone she knew, which would have been really really hard when you're in those difficult teen years.

She told me that she was confirmed in the little church just before they came out - it was supposed to be a celebratory kind of thing, but it felt a little bit more like a funeral for their old life...

But if she hadn't come to Australia, she wouldn't have met the other Icelandic family living in Perth, and she wouldn't have met their eldest son, Thor. The story I heard was that as soon as she saw my dad, Mum thought "Yep, that's the guy I'm going to marry."
So I think the move worked out best in the long run - especially for me!

My mum has been through a lot of pretty hard stuff in her life. Some of the time I was too young to notice, and some of the time I was a little bit too self-centred. Every once in a while, though, I realised that my mum is deceptively strong.

She may seem softly spoken, and sometimes people try to take advantage of that, but when it counts my mum can stand up for herself and me and anyone else who needs help. She's generous and good hearted, and she wants the best for everyone.

Thing is, sometimes Mum worries too much about other people and forgets to look after herself. Now that all three of us kids are finally adults (in theory, anyway), it should be time for her to take some time to find out what would make her happy. I hope she can learn to nurture herself as much as she's nurtured me over the years.

Happy birthday mum!


Northern musings said...

I needn't tell you that tears are flowing down my cheeks, all that you said is so true and so beautifully worded. My sister is, was and always will be my hero.
We are blessed to have her in our lives as mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend.
... and yes I totally agree... Unnur! it is time for you to look after YOU. Love you all

Vicki said...

Hey Olga, I did not know it is Unnur's birthday today...I am actually meeting your mum and dad for coffee in Beaufort street on their way home to the hills. I will give her a big kiss from you.

Anonymous said...

Hey poss, thanks for the beautiful words. I do feel blessed. We had lunch with your gorgeous mother in law and then had coffee at her house ( which is awesome). Am thinking about Chrissy with you guys. Love you and miss you both. mum

Maja said...

Aw that is so sweet, lovey!