Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Amma!

It is my grandma Kristín's birthday today, so I figure it's time for a Sigga-style appreciation post, don't you?

My Amma is pretty amazing. She's had a pretty eventful life, moving from a tiny fishing village in northern Iceland to sunny Perth in Australia. I can't imagine what it must have been like for them to leave everything behind and move to a place so different and far away... Must have taken a lot of courage and determination.

She was always the most grandma-y of my grandmas, the one who baked and knitted and made things from scratch. She has tried for many years to teach me valuable skills, I have finally learnt how to knit a little.

She's really generous with her time, making the trip up the hill to visit the 'old people' in the hospital, and also going out of her way to see friends and family who don't have many other visitors.

When I was twelve, my parents sent me to live with Amma in Iceland for a year. It was a pretty intense time, I was getting all mopey and teenagery, and poor Amma had to deal with me, but I'm so glad for the time we got to spend together.
Then again when I was seventeen I got to stay for another year. Amma got me a job, looked after me and gave me some pretty good advice about growing up.

More recently, Amma has welcomed Ross and I into her house every time we've gone to Iceland over the past year. I think one of the best things about being here in the UK is being able to visit on a pretty regular basis, and spend some quality time with her.

And she did heaps of work in planning the wedding and making it all happen - I'm so grateful to her for that! She made everyone feel at home, and made sure all our guests were happy, comfortable and well fed.

So yeah, she is pretty awesome! I'm sure you knew that anyway, right?
Love you lots Amma! Hope your day was lovely!


northern musings said...

Oh, you know i am crying don´t you - I will get Helgi to turn on his computer for her to see this post - I know that she will be really touched. She loves you guys so much and all her grandchildren, she knows that she is so blessed with all of you. She too has appreciated all the time that she has been able to spend with you guys.... I just hope that I have 10% of her stamina when I am her age

Anonymous said...

Hi Poss,

I agree with Sigga, what a lovely post. Yep mum is a very special lady, amazing what she has done in her life. Kristinn really should write that biography. Lots of love to you guys. Mum

Anna said...

This is awes Olga, I agree!

I also got your card today! It is awesome!

Vicki said...

Happy birthday to an amazing woman, I hope to be half as fit, half as witty and half as beautiful when and if I get to 82.
love Vicki.

Maja said...

Yes she is totally awesome. Wonderful post. Xxx