Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Icey Ice... Not really.

Whoa, so we are in Iceland, but it is not very icy at all - and I haven't been posting anything at all, sorry dudes! Actually, I'm fairly sure that most of my readership is either in town or making their way here at the moment, so I'm not stressed.
Anyway, here are some pictures and some stories of what's been going on, they may or may not correspond with each other.

This is Dad and Ross in Reykjavik. We stayed with Dad's friend Sigþór and his wife Oddný, they are really nice people and have lent Dad a car for the whole time he is here, so that is awesome! It is a bit of a weird box-shaped car, but that just makes it more awesome!

These are some whaling ships that we saw in the harbour at Reykjavik. Spot the difference: One of them is still in use, and one of them was sunk by Greenpeace. Apparently the owner raised it and fixed it out of pure stubbornness, but it does not hunt whales any more.


Here in Sauðárkrókur, there was some sort of Pikelet Festival last weekend that I had never heard of before. Anyway, there was much festivity, all of the old town was decorated in blue balloons and stuff. There were lots of stalls selling cool stuff, I got a lopapeysa with a pony on it and two dresses. The dresses were pretty cute but weird, and I later found out that I had bought them from the theatre company - they were old costumes! Oh well, I will wear them once I leave town.

So we had a barbecue on Saturday evening (the word night does not apply; it stays bright all the time), this picture is Jóhanna and Mum and Sigga. They are all awesome, in addition to being awesomely busy planning my wedding. Yay for family!

Today is beautiful and sunny, Ross has driven his mum, Andy, Eva and Kristinn into Akureyri. I think Dom and Jesse went for a walk around town (I do not think that will take very long...), Dean is fishing, Anna is having a lie-down and Mum and Dad are installing a new shower. And I am writing on the internets!

Oh yeah, also at the aforementioned barbecue, we found a kitten! I think it belonged to the people next door, but they were out and the kitten was very little, so we cuddled him a bit. This is up there with my favourite photos of all time!

P.S. Have you noticed that I am trying to avoid apostrophes? This Icelandic keyboard setup only gives me the weird apostrophes, so I refuse to use them. Have not, will not. So there.


Maja said...

I didn't notice a lack of apostrophes.. but I spotted one in there. You can change the keyboard to english through the control panel if you want. I think there is a proper apostrophe somewhere on the icelandic keyboard.. just can't remember where. Over a full stop or something.

Keep on having an awesome time and I will be thinking of you guys on the 4th of July! xoxoxoxoxo

olga said...

Ah yes, that was before I switched to Icelandic. I just can not be bothered switching between them once I have started writing!

Yeah, we are still having an awesome time, I will try to take lots more photos! And I wish you were here!

northern musings said...

not that I couldn´t tell you this in person - the apostophe ' is shift and the icelandic accent thingy ´ (next to the æ)
Love the photos by the way...

geezer squeezer! said...

hooray! im glad that you are using the 'internets' again!! ha ha ha!

all looks great my love. that kitten is nearly as adorable as ross.

xoxoxolove to allxoxoxoxo