Saturday, July 18, 2009

Copenhagen holiday...

So we were in Copenhagen for a couple of days, awesome times ensued! The national museum was really interesting, we saw an Aurochs skeleton, among other things. Rad.

We went to Christiania, the free town in the south of Copenhagen city. I think in the olden days it used to be a hippie commune type thing - they somehow lived outside the laws of the city, seemingly so they could smoke lots of weed.

I can imagine it being a nice place in the olden days when it was a community of like minded people who just wanted to be free and happy. Now however, it's feels like a slum full of drug dealers. They've opened it up to tourists, and I think that's how they make their money... But there definitely wasn't a welcoming vibe when we were there - there was one street in particular that felt really leery and hostile. Nice.

Still, it was pretty educational. Jade explained it really well: even though I feel like I'm pretty alternative, I think mainstream society has a lot to offer. Anarchy is not for me.

The highlight of the trip was going to Helsingør* and visiting the castle where Hamlet was set. It was pretty interesting, although all the furnishings have been burnt and stolen at various times over the years, so the interior wasn't that authentic. The dungeons were exciting, though, and luckily we decided to do a guided tour. It was really dark and maze-like down there, so it was a relief to have a nice man showing you the way in and out.

I also learnt that the Danish monarchy didn't accept Queens as heads of state until the current one, Queen Margarethe the Second. They rushed the changes through when the heir to the throne was a distant cousin with erratic mental health. Good call, Denmark.

Also, I saw a statue of a sad lion in the train station, but he doesn't really look that sad from this angle. More thoughtful, I think.

The only issue I had with Copenhagen was how expensive it was. Golly gee whiz is it expensive. On the other hand, it just made me laugh all the more at Bill Bryson's description in Neither here nor there. You should read all his books, they are pretty nice to read.

*Wow, you have no idea how long I've waited to use that letter properly. What a great letter!
, it's right up there with Ŏ and Œ


northern musings said...

Hey sweety good to know that you are home again with your Rossco, Anna and Dean left today, but Kristin and Reynir are visiting S´krok this weekend, so not feeling totally lonely yet. Freyja is looking a tad sad though.
Miss you

Maja said...

Wow, Christiania sounds kinda yuk. I think it's good to have some rules here and there.

I guess Copenhagen is better if you're really rich. I can't wait to win lotto.