Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tour! Yeah!

We are leaving to go to Birmingham today, and when we get there, we will play a show! Before he left, K helpfully pointed out that you say Birming'um, rather than Birming-ham. Good to know.
Hmm, I'm pretty sure I have some interesting stories to tell - I only remembered them because I just downloaded all my photos from the past week onto the computer. Honestly, sometimes my brain is scarily bad at creating memories for later recollection. Yay for technology.

The above photo is from Gordon's wine bar; we went there on Saturday night for Anjay's birthday. It's really cool, most of it is in a little underground tunnel. It gets really busy, but Maja and Joe and Anjay got there in the afternoon, so we claimed a table pretty easily. We had lots of smokers at our table though, so we had to keep defending their chairs whenever they went outside. That gets pretty tiring pretty quickly. After a while you don't even let people ask, you just say no as soon as they make hopeful eye contact.
It's a really nice place, though, and K took quite a few warm candle lit photos. Must put some more up later!

So K is gone now, he left for Reykjavik yesterday afternoon... Ross and I walked him to the train station, and we were hanging out waiting for some awkward goodbyes, but then Kristinn accidentally walked through the ticket gate, so we just kinda waved. Maybe it was intentional, awkward goodbyes are not that awesome. Plus I'm used to him going really far away from me when he's leaving, but we're going to see each other in a couple of weeks!

I think I'm supposed to be writing a travel blog about this tour for some Australian website, so maybe I'll duplicate everything and put it here, too... Do you think they'll mind? Hope not! Maybe it'll mean that I'll actually stay in touch a little, yes?

Um, there was some sort of reason why I was going to write on here... Nope, it's gone. Oh well. I should probably be helping to load the drum kit anyway.


northern musings said...

Have a great time - hope all the shows go really really well!!

Jon Erik said...

Hi Olga,

Love your blogg, looks like everyone is having a great time. It's great to be able to see how you're doing over there. Our babies are growing really fast, Ava is walking now, she's only 9 months & loving life. Rubee is doing sport every wednesday - 45mins of mixed events, she hasn't lost a running race yet, she really enjoys it. I'm at work now so I need to go. Can you send me your email address to Say hi to Kristinn, Ross & everyone. Love & miss you guys. xxx