Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Can't remember which one of those cave photos I posted, but here's another (hopefully different) one.
I tried to update in Glasgow, I promise! But blogger was down, and also there was a very cute kitty named Larry living in that house, so I played with him instead. He was awesome and friendly, and every single one of you would have done the same...

Oops, I haven't uploaded all my photos from tour yet, so you'll just get some from the first half.
I need to become more of a photo taker, I'm still really slack about the whole thing. That'll be my goal for France, I'm going to take a million pictures of exciting French things.

See? Watched bands, saw some scenery, hung out with cool people, and what do I have photos of? Sherwood forest: taken from a moving van. I kinda like it, though.

Anyway, our shows were totally rad! I think we played really well, especially considering we haven't rehearsed in a while. On the other hand, we've been playing these songs live now for aaages, so we've pretty much got the hang of them. We only had half hour sets, so we decided to play mostly upbeat songs - short and sweet, and you get to leave the audience wanting more. Woo.
I think we're going to try to play one or two old songs for the next couple of shows. Might be interesting, might be catastrophic! How exciting!

Also, the Drones were amazing, which should be a surprise to no one (or at least no one who reads my blog and has heard me hyping them up for the past month). They are such a good live band, they're so in tune with each other and interesting to watch. Plus their songs are great and they're nice dudes. Did I mention I enjoy that band?
This was the end of a really long tour for them, though, so I think they were getting a little bit sick of it. Touring is awesome, and I'm sure they wouldn't do it if they weren't enjoying it, but it can get tiresome to be moving around all the time. We were only gone for five days, but it felt like heaps more than that - I think maybe because the whole day is filled with driving and soundchecking and waiting to play and playing and packing, whereas at home there are definitely periods of just hanging out and not having to think...

Tomorrow we leave for France! It's kind of nice going from one tour to another, but getting a night or two at home; all the little things I wished I had on tour are still fresh in my mind, and we got to do a whole bunch of washing today. Small pleasures.

I was pretty flat out today trying to organise all that stuff for the wedding that I've left til the last minute. Good thing Sigga is taking care of most of it, or our guests would be sleeping in the streets and eating whatever they could forage for in the hills of Skagafjörður (i.e. weird herby grass and maybe a sheep, if they felt like running fast). Anyway, I am pretty much sorted except for shoes - Mum is bringing a pair with her, but I'm a bit scared that I won't be able to stand in them, let alone walk in a straight line in front of a whole bunch of people whose main goal at that point will be to look at me*. So I should probably have a back up pair... Except that now that I think about it, now would have been a good time to buy that back up pair, so I could get some practice while we're on tour. Oh well, there's still time. Maybe I'll buy some in Paris!

Oh yeah, one of our shows in France has been cancelled (boo!) but that means we get a day off in Paris! I don't know if I want to spend that day shopping, but then again it's some sort of fashion capital of the world, right? Maybe I'll buy a pair of outrageously expensive and beautiful shoes... Oooh. You'll hear about it if I do...

*Side note: I have a funny story about not really digging being the centre of attention. Two stories, actually. At my fifth birthday party, I burst into tears when everyone sang happy birthday, for no particular reason except that everyone was focussed on me. Not anyone major, either, just my mum and dad and brother and maybe an aunt or two. Weird.
Then I did it again - at my 21st birthday. In a restaurant. Again, no reason except that some singer guy led everyone in singing happy birthday. Again, "everyone" was pretty much my closest family members. So don't feel obliged to sing to me on my birthday. It'll just be awkward.


Northern musings said...

remember when we were in Paris and went to the flea market? I am sure that the shoes of your dreams are waiting for you in Pariiiiii(to be said with a french accent). I am ofcourse as disorganised as ever - but not to worry it will all be fine on the night (day). May call you in a bit when K is finished photographing the cat... by the way the weather is excellent at the moment - hoping this is a sign...

Northern musings said...
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Anonymous said...

I think opshopping in Paris would be TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME.

- Anna